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Le VPN is a fast and powerful VPN for Japanese residents and anyone else who wants to visit websites restricted by international firewalls. Our Japanese VPN is reliable and accessible around the world, giving you a secure in-country IP address wherever you are.

There are many benefits to using a Japanese VPN, both at home and abroad.

How to Connect to a VPN Server in Japan:


Choose Le VPN and our simple, affordable subscription VPN service:

Wanting to access sites and content that are blocked in Japan? At Le VPN, our all-inclusive subscription delivers fast and easy access to those blocked sites and content. Activation is immediate, and our affordable pricing delivers a cost-efficient way for you to browse the Internet safely and securely — going where you want to go when you want to go there.

Whether you live in Japan or are just visiting, our VPN subscription service includes the IP addresses needed to access international content that’s been blocked. Our service works on computers running Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems, and you can use the VPN connection just as easily on smart devices like Androids, iPads and iPhones. Our VPN service is versatile, giving you the protocols needed to use the Internet freely and safely no matter what device you prefer.


Add Le VPN’s software and log on using any device:

At Le VPN, we operate 800 servers in 100+ locations. This array of servers allows us to provide VPN services in Japan and locations around the world. When you’re blocked from your favorite streaming service, games, news sites and other content in Japan, we route your connection through another country’s server — which immediately gives you access to the content you want to view.


Identify your location in Japan, and then you can choose from among security protocol and port options:

We provide options for VPN protocols and ports. By giving you many choices, you’re virtually assured of a successful connection, no matter your location. We recommend OpenVPN Port 53 as your default, but you have two other port and protocol selections should you find that OpenVPN Port 53 isn’t working as you need it to while browsing in Japan.


Go where you want to go and do what you want to do on the web — safely and privately:

Come back time after time to use your all-inclusive subscription plan while in Japan or wherever else work or life may take you. You can use the same VPN connection across all your devices. Take advantage of two VPN connections simultaneously in use on two different devices. Enjoy unlimited server switches as well as unlimited bandwidth and speed. Using the Internet safely and freely, just as it was designed to be use, is easy with Le VPN.

Browse the Internet Safely With a VPN

Identity theft is a persistent problem both in Asia and around the world. Whenever you connect online through a public Wi-Fi network — such as those at an airport, coffee shop or hotel — you risk exposing your personal information to potential threats. While that risk may be small, the effort and expense of connecting through a VPN is even less. A VPN is a secure connection that gives you peace of mind, so you’ll know your online activity can’t be watched, even when you’re on an open Wi-Fi network.

Le VPN’s Japanese servers also employ sophisticated encryption to transmit data safely over any network. You have the option of specifying which security protocol you wish to employ. Switching between OpenVPN, PP2P and L2TP is easy, free and takes only a few seconds using our software. If work or travel frequently brings you to locations where connecting over a public network is necessary, Le VPN lets you do so without putting yourself at undue risk.

VPN for Japan | VPN in Japan | Le VPN Japan

Immerse Yourself in Japanese Culture

Aficionados of Japanese culture will appreciate the unparalleled access they gain to the country’s streaming media with a VPN. Whether you’re planning your dream trip or reminiscing about past adventures abroad, there’s no better way to watch the latest anime, as well as game shows, dramas and more. And with Netflix set to come to the country in Fall 2015, a VPN will be even more essential to anyone outside Japan. Watching foreign programming is great for language acquisition, making a VPN an invaluable aid to people studying Japanese for work, pleasure or future travels.

A VPN Is a Link Back Home

Expats suffering from a lack of Japanese language programming will be happy to know a VPN can also allow them to access TV Asahi, NHK, Fuji Television and other websites protected by geographic restrictions. By using a Japanese VPN, it’s possible to stay up-to-date with Association Football and NPB Puro Yakyū games, as well as Japanese Sumo Association matches, news and cultural programming, and more. Whether you’re living abroad permanently or traveling for work or school, a VPN lets you stay in touch with all your favorite sports and television shows.

Share Files Without Risk

Japan is known as a hotbed of innovation and even with strict copyright and trademark laws, the danger of having your intellectual property stolen is one that is ever-present. By using a VPN, you can send large files to collaborators more securely using P2P software. VPNs add several extra layers of privacy and protection — when browsing through one, it’s impossible for anyone to monitor your activity, or to know what type of content you’re sending or receiving online.

Get Started With Le VPN Today

In just a few minutes, you can set up your Le VPN account and begin browsing the web securely. Our plans begin at as little as $4.95 USD a month, depending on how long you want to commit. All users get full access to any of our 800+ international servers in 100+ locations, as well as unlimited speed and data transfer from anywhere in the world. An investment in a Japanese VPN service is an investment in security, privacy and, above all, freedom to experience the web on your own terms. Get started by signing up for Le VPN today.



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