Test your IP address

Test your IP address

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How much do you know about Internet security? Did you know that every time you access the Internet, there exists an IP address that is your virtual identification? This address identifies your network ID and your device ID, which may not be useful to the common person but is gold to a hacker. With this single piece of information, it’s easy to track your Internet transactions and movements, and spy on what you’re doing. They can follow your website visits, financial transactions, and even know where you are. If that kind of intrusion into your personal security bothers you, you’ll want to consider changing your IP address.
Your IP address can also cause a problem if you’re trying to access content that is blocked from your current country. Some Internet sites are only accessible from the country of origin. Certain countries, notably China and Russia, block access to many foreign media and social websites in the name of censorship. If you disagree with this and want free access to all of your regular Internet content no matter where you are, a VPN is for you.

How Do I Change or Hide My IP Address?

There’s no way for you to manually change your IP address on your computer, phone or tablet. This number is required by all websites and servers to identify you. If you are unable to access certain web content, it might be because the country you are in, such as China or Russia, restricts free access to certain sites. In other cases, certain content, such as TV channels or specific news sites, is only available in the country of origin.

To get around this, it is necessary to install a VPN client or Virtual Protected Network. This small program allows you to change “virtually” your geolocation and IP address. Websites and servers you try to connect to will detect your virtual IP, and your access will be granted. A VPN also has the benefit of providing an anonymous, secure portal for your Internet consultations and transactions. You can surf to your heart’s content with your VPN active. You are also free to choose another location at any point, which in turn creates a new virtual IP address.

What if I Want to Unhide My IP Address

If at any moment you want your device to display an unhidden IP address, all you have to do is close your VPN client. Once again, it’s that simple. There’s no modification or reconfiguration to do. Simply log out of your Le VPN account, and your device automatically reverts back to a standard IP. You don’t even have to restart your device, it’s instantaneous.

Many of our Le VPN customers prefer to leave their VPN active all the time, however. This gives you permanent access to all of the web content you want and provides a secure tunnel for your Internet data movements. There’s no limit to the amount of time or data you use with your Le VPN service, so enjoy as much safe, secure and private Internet as you please.

Next Steps to Change My IP?

All that’s left to do is subscribe to Le VPN. In just a few clicks you can create your account. It’s fast and easy, and in just a few minutes you can be online benefiting from the Internet the way it’s meant to be — free, confidential and safe.

Do a test of your IP address now and jot it down. Then do it again once you’ve created your Le VPN account and logged onto a different location. You’ll have all the proof you need that your online identification truly is hidden. Find out why people all over the world trust Le VPN as their faithful Internet companion and consult the Web with no concerns over access to their favorite content.



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