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When living or traveling in Cyprus, you may find that many of the sites you want to visit and much of the content you want to consume is unavailable. You may also find that your personal information is at risk of hackers and cyber attacks. Avoid these issues by using a VPN connection, which delivers safe and secure access to the Internet — even to sites and content that are not broadly available in your area.

How to Connect to a VPN Server in Cyprus

Getting a VPN connection is fast and easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Choose Your Service:

Le VPN offers the best Cyprus VPN connection, providing fast and inexpensive service that places the worldwide Internet at your fingertips.

2. Get a Subscription:

Le VPN’s all-inclusive subscription makes it simple for you to access the Internet and blocked or restricted sites from Cyprus and other locations around the world.

3. Install and Log On:

Le VPN can be added to almost any device and is compatible with almost any operating system — Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhones, iPads and Androids included. Log on any time you encounter blocked or censored content, or whenever you need added safety and security online.

4. Select Your Country, Security Protocol and Port:

For unmatched service, Le VPN keeps more than 800 servers in more than 114 countries. Choose the connection that best meets your needs.

5. Enjoy the Online Experience:

Using your all-inclusive Le VPN subscription, you can access the unrestricted Internet at any time from Cyprus and other locations.

Use the Internet by Your Own Rules

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Access to Any Site and to All Content and Media

Cyprus is a small and beautiful island nation. While there are no active restrictions on Internet content, a VPN connection can provide access to sites and content that may not be available in Cyprus.

Many sites read your IP address as you try to connect to them. If you’re not logging in from an approved country, you may experience limited connectivity or you may find yourself completely blocked. Imagine living in Cyprus and not being able to watch Netflix or catch the news from a different country.

A VPN connection fixes this problem. When you obtain a VPN connection, you have access to proxy IP addresses through servers in different locations. While a site or media may not be available in Cyprus, you can log in as if you’re somewhere else in the world — and immediately gain access to the sites and media that you want to visit and consume.

Security From Cyber Attacks and Hackers

There are other benefits to a VPN connection, too. First, your information stays secure from hackers and cyber attacks. You can make transactions and shop online without fear of identify theft.

You’re also free of censorship and surveillance by the government or other entities. While this may not be a prominent problem in Cyprus, what if you travel through Europe, Turkey or the Middle East? You may find that the sites available to you back home are not available in other countries — unless you have a VPN connection. Simply log in through a VPN connection that will make it seem as if you’re in Cyprus or another country, and you’ll immediately gain access to the sites and media that you want.

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