Le VPN Installation on Mac OS X

Step 1. Download Le VPN Mac OS X Software from Client Area
To do so connect to your Client Area and click on the “Le VPN Mac OS X (username)”

Progress: 25%
Step 2. Install downloaded Software
Unzip the newly downloaded file “Le-VPN.tar.gz” and double-click on Le VPN.app in the unzipped folder Le VPN.
If you see a security announcement, click on “Open”.

In the next dialog choose “Move to applications folder”

After that, start Le VPN application from your “Launchpad”.

You will see Le VPN Welcome Screen which means that Le VPN was successfully installed. Close this screen and proceed to the next step.

Progress: 50%
Step 3. Select the server and connect
Click on “Le VPN” icon in your upper bar and you will see the list of available protocols and countries.

We recommend using OpenVPN port 53 servers by default as they provide the best security.
If your Internet connection blocks one of these protocols or ports, just try to connect with another one.
Click on the server of your choice to connect to Le VPN.
On this step you will be asked to enter your Le VPN credentials you’ve received in activation email.

Enter your Le VPN credentials to the corresponding fields and click on “OK”.
N.B.: Please ensure that you’ve used the correct credentials sent to you in Le VPN activation email, NOT the ones you used during the registration procedure.
The correct credentials should look like this:

Progress: 75%
Step 4. Test your IP
After successful connection your Le VPN’s icon will stop rotating and become white like on the image below.

Test your IP address.
Go to “Test Your IP” page or refresh current page to find your new IP address.
If your IP address changed – you’re successfully activated Le VPN.

Your IP address is

Progress: 100%

Alternative installation methods

There are alternative ways to setup VPN connection with Le VPN on your Mac OS X:

• Install Le VPN via Tunnelblick on Mac OS X

• Install Le VPN via PPTP on Mac OS X

• Install Le VPN via L2TP on Mac OS X