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Le VPN’s United States VPN service offers a number of advantages both for individuals using the web in-country and for Americans traveling abroad. With 700+ servers worldwide, including fast, reliable connections from anywhere in the U.S., we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to view international content, stream music or just gain an additional level of security online, Le VPN can help.

  American VPN Server Services

Le VPN’s US VPN service is fast, secure and convenient — whether you’re inside the country or out. With transparent, all-in-one pricing, industry-leading security and extensive features that make your experience simple and seamless, there’s no better choice among US-based VPN servers than Le VPN.

If you’re looking for a way to confidently — and confidentially — access and share sensitive information online, work around geographic content restrictions or enhance your overall privacy and security, our US VPN server can help. Not yet convinced about the benefits of using one of Le VPN’s US VPN servers to surf the Internet? Keep reading to learn more.

 Protect Your Privacy With a VPN

Revelations about how frequently Internet use is monitored in the United States have made clear the need for advanced security online. Using a VPN is the most reliable way to ensure your privacy while browsing the Internet. Le VPN’s U.S. servers employ the AES-256 algorithm — the same level of encryption required by the NSA for top secret data transmission. Best of all, Le VPN is easy to use. With our proprietary software, all it takes is a few minutes to set up a safe and secure connection from any computer, tablet or mobile device.

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 Le VPN’s American Servers Keep You Connected While Abroad

You can also use a VPN to keep up with American programming while out of the country. Many American tourists know how frustrating it can be to try to watch new episodes of their favorite shows or even the latest viral video only to learn the content is blocked in their country. Our fast USA-based servers automatically assign you an in-country IP address which will allow you to watch all your favorite shows, including Sunday Night Football, Scandal and NCIS — as well as everything on Netflix and Hulu anywhere in the world.

 VPNs Prevent Identity Theft

It isn’t just government agents that could be monitoring your Internet use. As anyone who has ever been the victim of online identity theft knows, there are clear perils to browsing the Internet over an unsecured wireless connection. Too often, we fail to realize the danger we are exposing ourselves to when we log on in a coffee shop, hotel or airport terminal. In these environments, anyone can potentially have access to your personal information.

A VPN creates a secure connection you can use to protect yourself when accessing the Internet from an unfamiliar location. With Le VPN, you have the choice between three leading security protocols — OpenVPN, PP2P and L2TP. Configuring your setup to achieve the desired level of protection is simple and straightforward. For optimal performance, choose PP2P — for optimal security, choose OpenVPN and for a compromise between the two, use L2TP. Whatever your specific needs are, Le VPN offers an affordable solution for protecting yourself when connecting to the web.

Use the Internet by Your Own Rules

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 Watch International Programs In The United States With A VPN

Using a VPN isn’t just about security. By accessing any of our 700+ international servers and IPs in 114 countries, you can bypass copyright restrictions and view online content from the country of your choice. If you’re visiting the States, a VPN makes it easy to watch your favorite shows from Canada, the UK, Brazil and around the world, as well as international sporting events not shown locally. A VPN is perfect for business travelers, students studying abroad, recent immigrants with relatives back home, and anyone interested in immersing themselves in a foreign culture.

 A VPN Is Your Virtual American Address

Using an American VPN abroad not only allows you to watch television and stream music, but it can be essential for accessing services that would otherwise be blocked from your location. If you’re planning on moving to the United States, a VPN can make your arrival easier by allowing you to perform important administrative functions before leaving home.

Find out more about what a VPN can do for you by signing up for Le VPN today. Plans start at just $4.95 a month and include everything you need to get started.

Le VPN in other countries:

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  • Unblock US TV & Network
  • Unblock Netflix USA or Canada
  • Privacy & censorship bypass
  • Safe Poker & Online Gaming (Canada only)
  • Unblock VOIP & Skype
  • Safe P2P & File-sharing (with Canada servers only)
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European VPN service
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  • Unblock French TV & Network: unblock TF1, M6, W9 and more.
  • Unblock British TV & Network: unblock BBC iPlayer and more.
  • Unblock German TV and the rest of European TV & network.
  • Privacy & censorship bypass
  • Safe Poker & Online Gaming (except in France, Russia and the UK)
  • Unblock VOIP & Skype
  • Safe P2P & File-sharing (with the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Netherlands servers only)
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