How to Unblock Social Media Websites

There’s nothing more annoying than moving to a new country and discovering that your favorite social media network is blocked. It’s also aggravating when you learn about a new startup site you want to use but has not yet made its way to where you live. Have you wondered how to unblock social media sites with a VPN? At Le VPN, that was the foundation for our entire business.

Here’s how it works:

When you subscribe to Le VPN, you get a private and secure connection to the Internet. Censors cannot block your browsing activity, nor can anyone see your activities.

That’s because your activity flows through a Le VPN IP address. We use more than 800 servers located in 100+ locations to ensure our users get a safe, dependable VPN connection that allows them access to the social media sites that have been blocked or restricted where they live.

The Internet was designed to be a hub of free-flowing information. Where some countries want to block, restrict or monitor your online activity, we provide a connection that allows you free and unfettered access — just as online browsing is supposed to be.

Are you ready to re-engage on your favorite social media site? Subscribe to Le VPN today.

Le VPN: Providing Access to the Free Web

From communicating with friends to reading breaking news to learning about random facts, social media has evolved to the point where it’s difficult to live without. Once we’ve decided to take the leap and become connected, social media is something we almost need to feel informed about the world around us.

When traveling or living and working abroad, the implications of social media are much more immediate. Rather than having to stomach hefty fees associated with international calling, it’s much more convenient and affordable to keep in touch with loved ones via a quick Facebook or Twitter message, for example.

However, it’s important to remember that the freedoms we enjoy in western society are not universal. In fact, many countries — particularly those in Asia and the Middle East — restrict access to social media networks, controlling the information their citizens have access to. This means that if you were to make the trek to China, for example, you wouldn’t be able to access Twitter, Facebook or YouTube while you stayed there. That also means that if you are living and working in a censored country, you would be greeted with the same social media blackout.

VPN to unblock social media websitesA Virtual Private Network (VPN) can offer a solution, though. By routing your Internet traffic through remote servers located in other countries or the country you live in—and masking your IP address in the process—you’ll be able to access the Internet as if you were in America, even if you’re in China. You can use a VPN to unblock websites, regaining the ability to connect to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. You can then access the content you want while maintaining open lines of communications with your friends and loved ones living in uncensored countries.

With servers located in 100+ locations and all available under one plan, Le VPN offers solutions that are guaranteed to satisfy those traveling abroad. Our VPNs encrypt your Internet traffic with complex algorithms so your online activity cannot be traced. Our VPNs are also compatible with most operating systems as well as smartphones and mobile devices. With a recently released iOS app, you can access the social media networks you want from the palm of your hand — just like you do when you’re sitting on your couch at home.

Traveling or living and working abroad are things that enrich us, but it doesn’t mean we have to give up access to something as innocent as social media and other websites. Le VPN’s service is great for unblocking your favorite websites and social media networks, such as YouTube, Twitter, Hulu+ and many more. Contact us today to learn more about how you can use VPNs to unblock social media sites.



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