Le VPN servers now available in 20 countries

Le VPN servers now available in 20 countries

Enjoy all the benefits of a VPN service, by basing your IP address in one of the eight new countries offered by Le VPN.

On July 2nd, Le VPN has announced besides the 12 countries already available (United States, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Russia and Ukraine), 8 new VPN servers have been installed in Europe and Asia. You can now enjoy Le VPN service in Italy, Spain, Portugal, but also in Romania, Sweden, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

So with Le VPN in Italy or Sweden, you will be able to download without restriction all the content you want. If you are passionate about Spain, you can access information and videos in Spanish that are only accessible to people whose IP address is based in the Iberian Peninsula, through Le VPN server in Spain. Through the servers in Romania or Portugal, you can enjoy discount on online offers domiciling your IP address in one of these two countries. Finally, you can also opt for a VPN server in Japan, Singapore and Australia, and thus access to the sites of your choice, with an anonymous IP address.

In addition, Le VPN offers to all its existing customers as an appreciation of their loyalty, a free upgrade to the new Le VPN Premium with servers in 20 countries, a third security protocol and other advantages. Le VPN Premium is a new product that offers additional features compared to the previous versions of Le VPN Pro and Le VPN Ultimate. Le VPN Premium enables Internet access through a choice of 20 different VPN servers but also to benefit from the new security protocol: L2TP/IPSEC, plus two existing VPN protocols – PPTP and OpenVPN. Last but not least, Le VPN Premium can handle simultaneously two VPN connections, even from two different devices.

To upgrade your offer to this new Le VPN Premium, simply follow the instructions on the support page (for active clients only). But if you do not want to upgrade your VPN service for the new Le VPN Premium service, you can gon on with using your current offer without trouble.

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