Facebook’s ‘Find Wi-Fi’ And Cyber Security

Facebook’s ‘Find Wi-Fi’ And Cyber Security

With the increase in the use of the internet, the question of cyber security is becoming more crucial. Though, everyone knows what is cyber security, it is important to know how to ensure the same? In simple words, it is protecting your online presence from prying eyes. The more you use the public Wi-Fi, the more you put your cybersecurity at risk.

Facebook’s New Find Wi-Fi Feature

Social media platform Facebook has come up with a new feature called ‘Find Wi-Fi’ this month. By enabling this feature a person can find the public Wi-Fi’s availability in that area. This feature is useful when you are searching for a public Wi-Fi. It is also useful when you have less data and need to connect urgently with someone. A business or a location can generate a Wi-Fi hotspot if they have a profile on Facebook. The Facebook location, history tracker will get enabled. It will record each Wi-Fi hotspot that you use to log into FB. This will help to target the person with advertisements.

What Is Cyber Security Risk Involved Here?

This all sounds pretty exciting! Doesn´t it? But, then, again everyone has the question of what is cyber security risk involved here? Let us explain the same. When you are on a public Wi-Fi, you are at the risk of hackers. Important information about you may fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, it is better to make use of a virtual private network or VPN when you are using a hotspot. This will help in maintaining the privacy of your identity. You can surf the internet anonymously. You are secure when you are using the public Wi-Fi.  Therefore, if you are wondering what is cyber security risk solution, a virtual private network is the best answer.

Avoid Free Or Cheap VPN Service

There are many VPN service providers who offer cheap or even free services to attract customers. However, such services may not ensure the security. If you really want to stay safe online, make sure that you use a reliable and more secure VPN connection. Le VPN’s technology operates on numerous levels and creates a secure connection with data encryption. The VPN service provider also masks your IP and allows you to anonymously use the internet.

Le VPN Offers User-Friendly Packages

Le VPN has good quality servers across different countries. We offer services at a very affordable price. The company makes sure that there is no compromise when it comes to the security of the user.

Social media platforms are coming up with new features, which will help one connect with a public Wi-Fi easily. But, looking at the risk involved in using a hotspot, it is important that you take steps to remain secure. Hence, it is important that you subscribe to Le VPN services to make sure your online protection while connecting to a public Wi-Fi.



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