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NSA love spies

Are you looking for VPN privacy? Do you want to keep your online activity away from prying eyes? In 2013, The Wall Street Journal reported that some National Security Agency officers (spies) have use their agency’s spying superpower to overlook on their love interests on different occasions. NSA officials admitted that this was not a

Apple Reveal Over 1000 User Requests From US Government

According to figures released by Apple, the government asked to receive more information in the second half of 2015 than the first. As Apple reveal over 1000 user requests from US government, the figures shot up from previous years. The requests contained information from iMessages, emails, photos, device backups and other forms of information. This

German Court Rules Facebook Can Prevent Fake Names

In a ruling that has gone the social media giant’s way, a German court rules Facebook can prevent fake names from being used on their website. This comes after a previous ruling that stated the opposite from the Hamburg Data Protection Authority last July, which stated it was against privacy and they didn’t have the

Shops Can Track You Via Your Smartphone

UK online security watchdogs have warned that shops can track you via your smartphone, using technology already a few years old. Apparently, retailers can track every move of a shopper, just by using a signal given off when using wifi on a smartphone. Combined with facial recognition software, retailers can track movement, identifying who visits the

Black Friday Le VPN Deals – Up To 60% Off!

Black Friday is approaching and this only means one thing; huge savings and deals. To celebrate Black Friday, Le VPN is giving users the chance to subscribe for as little as $3.95 a month, that’s a huge 60% saving off the usual price. This exclusive offer will run through the weekend and ends on Sunday,

Google Can Remotely Unlock Your Smartphone

It has been revealed by a District Attorney that Google can remotely unlock your smartphone, along with Apple, if they had to. In a court case in New York, the revelation came as it was announced that if a court order has been issued then as long as the device has not been encrypted, law

Facebook Users Warned Over New Privacy Concerns

In a way to combat its closest rivals Twitter, Facebook have announced drastic changes to its search feature to not only include names, groups and pages, but to search all public posts as well. This of course includes every single post anyone has ever posted in the 10 years Facebook has been in existence. Even if

High School Students Hack CIA Director’s Email

The personal email account of John Brennan, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, was hacked and led to the exposure of more than 20 employees of the CIA. Federal investigators are looking into the breach of security after the attack took place on Monday which left the Director red-faced. When it was found that high school