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Cybercrime black market

You may be wondering about the issue of data security with VPN. But do you know that a European credit card has more value on the cybercrime black market than one from North America? Do you realize that Twitter is one of the favorite tools of communication for hackers that drive the small parallel cybercrime

Cybercrime heavily penalizes consumers and businesses

Microsoft has just released as part of its Play It Safe global initiative the results of a study conducted by IDC (International Data Corporation) and the University of Singapore (NUS) which is called “The link between pirated software and security vulnerabilities.” Conducted in 16 countries*, it thus explores the relationship between software piracy and cyber

Are women less careful about cybercrime?

The web is fraught with danger. MediaTest just released the results of a research done for Kaspersky Lab in Belgium to understand whether men are more cautious concerning cybersecurity than women. So over 30 % of the men feel they better protect themselves against cybercriminals, but also a small 19% of women believe that men

Facebook to set anonymous login and boost advertising

Mark Zuckerberg himself made the announcement during a meeting with almost 2,000 developers and journalists in San Francisco on April 30th. Facebook is to introduce new advertising tools and to boost the privacy of its members to impose the leading social network with 1.28 billion members in the growing sector of smartphone applications. Facebook wants

Ukraine, a key target for a powerful virus

A devastating malware has been recently mainly targeting computers based in Ukraine. Since 2013, i.e. the beginning of the political crisis in Ukraine, it is not less than 22 cases of the virus that have been identified, according to a recent report released by the British group BAE Systems. This virus called snake is “one

A bill on geolocation in France

A bill to specify measures linked with geolocation in France is being brought to the French Senate. This text includes several measures concerning methods of locating people when investigating a criminal nature. This bill will follow a specific procedure: the text will not suffer a single reading (followed by a vote) in each assembly, i.e.

Cybercrime can lead to US$ 3000 billion loss by 2020

Cybercrime could lead to 3,000 billion by 2020, if companies and governments do not put in place measures in a short time, according to a report by the World Economic Forum. Threats posed by cybercrime could also significantly slow down technological advances over the next decade, says the authors of this study, conducted in partnership

Crime: between internet and reality

Cybercrime is gaining ground in the real world with same approaches being used by cybercriminals and traditional  criminals as well. We also note that more and more cases of crime involving the use of digital media, “says the French security information Club ( CLUSIF ) in its 2013 Panorama. According to Eric Freyssinet, Head of

Beware of hackers during holiday season!

More and more internet users are online shoppers, especially during the holiday season. This is a a great opportunity for cybercriminals who are always looking for ways to scam Internet users and smartphone users. Below are some of the tricks used by hackers. No Christmas break for cybercriminals! Indeed, they specifically use this time to

Internet is omniscient

Your internet activity is permanently stored. Photos, videos, email address, posted messages on social networks expose you to everyone for years. Let’s have a look at your e- reputation. You may be a bit surprised … We do not realize how our digital lives is traceable … For all that is published on the Internet