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What cybercrime is all about

With so many fraud cases in the spotlight recently it’s hard to figure out how to protect yourself. International internet fraud, virus attack or identity theft on Facebook … cybercrime has many faces and still continues to grow. Here is a focus on what internet fraud is and how to protect yourself against it. Internet

Gamers are a key target for cybercriminals

Gamers start becoming indeed key targets for cybercriminals: they steal their data from their game accounts and those of their virtual objects whose value may reach thousands of dollars for some of them. One of the biggest hacks of all time, of Sony’s PlayStation Network in 2011, reportedly resulted in 77 million account holder details being

Data Manipulation Will Be Newest Cyber Threat

Data security with VPN will be highly needed. In the world of security, the heads of Intelligence in the USA and many other countries are warning about cyber security aspects and explaining about the latest threats. Data manipulation will be newest cyber threat, according to the FBI, CIA, the NSA and the Defence Intelligence Agency

Canadian Government Targeting VPN Usage

Looking for an anonymous VPN? Are cyber security and internet freedom some of your concerns? In Canada, the government had planned to block VPNs as citizens used to use VPNs to watch among other international programs and online streaming videos. So just after being elected, the Canadian government announced that it wanted to strengthen sanctions on

How To Use The Internet Like A Boss

Do you know how to avoid the common mistakes made by Internet users today? How about the little tricks used by Internet experts? Read on to find out now! Common Internet Security Mistakes And Tips To Avoid Them The Internet. It is a part of our every day lives. It touches us in ways we

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month once again, do you know where your security weaknesses are? Read on to find out how you can stop the leaks and block the freaks. Internet Security, A Game You Can Not Afford To Lose October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) which means it is once again

BBC Hit by DDoS Attack Leaving Website and iPlayer Down

The BBC have released a statement apologising for their network of websites being unaccessible after an apparent cyber attack. In what was originally seen as a technical issue, the entire network of BBC websites, including iPlayer, the main news websites and even their apps, were all unaccessible for several hours in the early morning. It is now