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How to Ensure Data Security

Data theft mainly involves stealing of sensitive information. It is important that you take appropriate measures to maintain data security. Your data becomes more vulnerable when your devices are connected to open public Wi-Fi hotspots. In order to keep your data secure, it’s important to have a clear idea about data theft and how to

Internet censorship in the world

Nowadays, we tend to take Internet for granted, especially in developed countries.We can hardly imagine our lives without access to the web, everywhere and somewhat immediately. However, the situation is not the same in many parts of the world with pervasive censorship in many countries, mainly to limit the freedom of access to information. We

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month once again, do you know where your security weaknesses are? Read on to find out how you can stop the leaks and block the freaks. Internet Security, A Game You Can Not Afford To Lose October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) which means it is once again

Cybercrime already more profitable than drug trafficking

When releasing its 2014 safety report on Data Breach Investigation Research, Verizon Wireless, the second largest U.S. security operator, made some comments about the evolution of the dangers on internet. Cybercrime is worth $ 290 billion per year, according to the Mischon de Reya New York law firm, which is specialized in dealing with such

Are women less careful about cybercrime?

The web is fraught with danger. MediaTest just released the results of a research done for Kaspersky Lab in Belgium to understand whether men are more cautious concerning cybersecurity than women. So over 30 % of the men feel they better protect themselves against cybercriminals, but also a small 19% of women believe that men

Follow the impact of cybercrime in real time

Kaspersky Lab has developed an interactive globe where you can observe in real time all security incidents occurring on our planet. This world map called Cyberthreat Map allows you to check in real time the speed at which some threats are spreading and which countries are the most affected by cybercrime. With a similar presentation

Malware are all around you

Nations, consumers and businesses are targeted by a lot of malware. A new research finds the link between them and criminal organizations. Nearly 75 % of new purchased computers are infected with dangerous malware. This is what reveals a research conducted jointly by the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit, IDC and the National University of Singapore

Bitcoin gets popular but risky according to Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab’s latest report “Financial Cyber ​​Threats in 2013” refers to cybercrime affecting this virtual currency. According to the “Financial Cyber ​​Threats in 2013” conducted by Kaspersky Lab, malware targeting Bitcoin were quite frequent in 2013. The number of attacks against the crypto- currency has actually increased by more than 2.5 to achieve 8.3 million