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Your iPhone knows exactly where you are!

“You will perhaps realize about it, but your iPhone knows exactly where you went and how long you stayed.” This article published by Jim Waterson on April 29th highlights one of those hidden features in our high- tech equipment. Although this type of feature is explained in the numerous pages posted by Apple no one,

Heartbleed decrypted for you

Of course, you have heard of this SSL Certificates bug called Heartbleed which recently became famous. Discover what this bug is and how to protect yourself from it. What is Heartbleed? This is indeed a secuirity bug in the OpenSSL Protocol in Android that has been recently discovered. It can enable a third party to

The European law on personal data invalidated

The cancellation of the European law that requires the retention of communication data, i.e. telephone and email data for at least 6 months brings trouble into the European Union. Leaders in the fight against cybercrime and terrorism who were happy about it are now quite concerned. On April 8th, EU Court of Justice canceled the

Google’s point on new technologies

A major conference festival dedicated to the “New Digital Age” happened last week in US in Austin (Texas). This time was an opportunity to hear Eric Schmidt, Google CEO between 2001 and 2011, and Jared Cohen with whom he cooperated to write a book of the same name – to comment on the development of

Cybersecurity: 10 threats to monitor in 2014

The overall cost of cyberattacks for businesses in 2013 is estimated to € 300 billion. Here are the 10 key trends in cybersecurity and cybercrime that rose in 2013 and should be closely monitored in 2014. – Governements’ art of espionage A U.S. IT security publisher report in 2013 has lifted the veil on cyber-espionage

France: the CNIL stands against cookies

The National Commission on Informatics and Liberties ( CNIL) confirms that websites and advertising agencies should get the webuser’s approval before storing cookies on computers . This is a further step towards a less intrusive internet navigation. The CNIL has issued a “recommendation” that limits the use of cookies, this sort of invisible software that

How to avoid appearing in Google ads

Google policy change now allows this Web giant to use your name, profile picture and comments within its advertisements. Indeed, since November 11th, Google can use your activities – e.g. when you write a review or assign a +1 via Google+ – and use them for its own ads. So, if you give a +1

NSA also monitors millions of mobile phones

Another NSA scandal is spreading, as some new revelations show that the NSA can keep track of millions of people around the world, by locating their mobile phone. A real Big Brother and omniscient super- power… Since June 2013, when the first revelations were made by the former NSA consultant Edward Snowden, who is now

European Council and Microsoft fighting cybercrime together

The European Council and Microsoft have just signed an agreement concerning their cooperation in the new Cybercrime @ Octopus Microsoft Project. This project, which will start on January 1st 2014, aims to help countries around the world to implement the European Council Convention on Cybercrime and strengthen data protection and safeguards of the rule of