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NSA love spies

Are you looking for VPN privacy? Do you want to keep your online activity away from prying eyes? In 2013, The Wall Street Journal reported that some National Security Agency officers (spies) have use their agency’s spying superpower to overlook on their love interests on different occasions. NSA officials admitted that this was not a

Canadian Government Targeting VPN Usage

Looking for an anonymous VPN? Are cyber security and internet freedom some of your concerns? In Canada, the government had planned to block VPNs as citizens used to use VPNs to watch among other international programs and online streaming videos. So just after being elected, the Canadian government announced that it wanted to strengthen sanctions on

About private browsing and risks of online piracy

According to a French survey in 2015, only 23% of webusers use private browsing. This option can be useful though to limit your online footprints. Private browsing can be activated from any browser and keep no record of your data during your browsing session and specifically your navigation history as well as your passwords, fields filled

How to avoid increasing online credit card fraud?

Credit card scams have exploded in many countries. And figures are quite impressive. See how to buy vpn online with a credit card. Most card frauds in the world actually happen in the United States. In fact, a Barclays 2015 research note  states that the United States is responsible for 47 percent of the world’s

Pokémon Go: some fears on personal data collection

Some concerns already revealed by the media regarding the collection of geolocation data in the famous Pokémon Go game! According to The Intercept website, created by the journalist Glenn Greenwald who released the Snowden revelations: “Pokémon Go is run by a man whose team has literally led to the worst debacle regarding online privacy.” He

Public Anonymity In Danger Due to Facial Recognition

FindFace, a newly released smartphone app, has taken Russia by storm and is potentially putting public anonymity in danger due to facial recognition. The app, developed by Artem Kukharenko and Alexander Kabakov, allows users to photograph people and work out their identities, with reliability sitting around 70%. It works by comparing photographs with the social media

Stay Safe Online with World Password Day

The National Cyber Security Alliance’s World Password Day could not have fallen on a more appropriate time than right now. Not even a week after one of the biggest stolen data credentials hack affected more than 272 million users, now has never been a better time to stay safe online with World Password Day. The breach