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Russian Hackers Stream Private Webcams

Cyber security is a major stake and new forms of cyber threats keep on rising. A website site linked to 73,011 unsecured security camera locations in 256 countries illustrates the dangers of using default passwords. Security camera are supposed to bring security, not to provide footage for anyone to stream and watch. In 2014, the

Data Manipulation Will Be Newest Cyber Threat

Data security with VPN will be highly needed. In the world of security, the heads of Intelligence in the USA and many other countries are warning about cyber security aspects and explaining about the latest threats. Data manipulation will be newest cyber threat, according to the FBI, CIA, the NSA and the Defence Intelligence Agency

How Hackers Bypassed Google’s 2-Step Authentication

When it comes to keeping your passwords, and the associated accounts, safe, there are many factors to consider. Not choosing obvious passwords such as family names or favourite things, and by including numbers and symbols all help to secure them from being hacked. But one method which has been adopted by many websites and services

Twitter Prevents Selling of User Data to Spy Agencies

Collecting data on users has always been a valuable pursuit to certain organisations and companies, especially since the rise of social media via Twitter for example. Up until this point, it has been relatively easy for anyone to collect data that is publicly shared online. But it has been announced that Twitter prevents selling of

Stay Safe Online with World Password Day

The National Cyber Security Alliance’s World Password Day could not have fallen on a more appropriate time than right now. Not even a week after one of the biggest stolen data credentials hack affected more than 272 million users, now has never been a better time to stay safe online with World Password Day. The breach

What is HybridVPN and How It Can Help You

Most VPNs force you to choose between the security of a VPN connection and the speed of unlocking media content of a SmartDNS, so you can’t have one without sacrificing the other. Le VPN however, changes this with HybridVPN, combining together an encrypted VPN connection and the speed of a SmartDNS. So what is HybridVPN and how

The Many Reasons You Should Be Using a VPN

The growing concern of data theft, identity theft and hacking means that everyone should be taking precautions when they use the internet. So even if you just browse the web, or simply use Facebook, everyone is at risk. So with a VPN you can easily protect yourself and not have to worry about it again. These