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Russian Hackers Stream Private Webcams

Cyber security is a major stake and new forms of cyber threats keep on rising. A website site linked to 73,011 unsecured security camera locations in 256 countries illustrates the dangers of using default passwords. Security camera are supposed to bring security, not to provide footage for anyone to stream and watch. In 2014, the

Cybercrime black market

You may be wondering about the issue of data security with VPN. But do you know that a European credit card has more value on the cybercrime black market than one from North America? Do you realize that Twitter is one of the favorite tools of communication for hackers that drive the small parallel cybercrime

How to explain Oct 21st Internet Giant Cyberattack

Twitter, Spotify and Reddit, airbnb and many other US websites were down or hard to access on October 21st. This Cyberattack happened as hackers unleashed a large distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the servers of Dyn, a major DNS host company. Dyn admitted right away that they had being hit with three waves of

How to avoid increasing online credit card fraud?

Credit card scams have exploded in many countries. And figures are quite impressive. See how to buy vpn online with a credit card. Most card frauds in the world actually happen in the United States. In fact, a Barclays 2015 research note  states that the United States is responsible for 47 percent of the world’s

The Reasons Why You Need to be Using a VPN

With all the news of major companies and websites being compromised due to online hacking, now is the time to take steps to protect yourself even more. It is vital that you remain safe and secure whenever you use the internet, either for work or just leisure. Regardless of secure passwords or supposed ‘safe’ websites, you can never

Why Everybody Should be Using a VPN

Internet use has become so far reaching now, that there is hardly a single person that doesn’t regularly surf the internet. If you are someone who spends a lot of time online, whether it is just to browse, or for work or study reasons, it would be very beneficial in using a VPN. Le VPN

Anonymity for Website Owners Comes Under Attack

Icann, the company which helps control the internet’s infrastructure has called for plans to end website owner’s anonymity. In a move that has provoked strong opposition, Icann hopes the move will mean more transparency when it comes to those who publish websites. At present, anyone who registers a domain has to provide contact details, but this