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UK goes for massive surveillance

Massive surveillance can now be officially done in the UK. The new British law which has just been approved by Queen Elisabeth  II will force ISP to store Internet users’ activity for one year. This text, which is very favorable towards the British police and intelligence services, was approved by the Queen on November 29th.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month once again, do you know where your security weaknesses are? Read on to find out how you can stop the leaks and block the freaks. Internet Security, A Game You Can Not Afford To Lose October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) which means it is once again

One cyber-attack occurs every 1.5 second in the world

FireEye released its report on advanced threats (ATR), which covers the main malicious activities identified by the FireEye Security Platform in 2013. This report highlights the very rapid growth of cybercrime globally, with 206 countries hosting servers carrying malware. The study analyzed and compared about the 40,000 unique cyber-attacks that took place in 2013, which

A day of action against the NSA in the U.S.

American people held on February 11th a day of protest to show their opposition to the permanent and pernicious surveillance set up by their government and the NSA: it is called The Day We Fight Back. This action was initially launched by the group Demand Progress which fights against Internet censorship. This also brought together

Cybersecurity to be more complex in 2014

Cybersecurity is going to get much more complicated next year. The global IT nonprofit association ISACA believes that IT and cybersecurity professionals shall face accelerated change and complexity in cybersecurity, data privacy and big data in 2014. “The pace of change expected in 2014 will put incredible pressure on technology professionals in the workplace with a

The French “Big brother” law has been passed

The military program law (LPM) has just been officially published on December 19th after being accepted by the Senate. This limits actions from the opponents to the law, including MPs who challenge one of this law articles that provides broader access to internet data by the public authorities. “This article raised much concerns among the

Africa is a paradise for cybercriminals

According to a Symantec study, it is in Africa that cybercrime is most severe. As analysed by Security Affairs, this study shows that it through using smartphones that computer viruses and malware spread the most. “A study conducted in Africa in 2012 showed that the development of smartphones involves the increased use of social networks

Internet is omniscient

Your internet activity is permanently stored. Photos, videos, email address, posted messages on social networks expose you to everyone for years. Let’s have a look at your e- reputation. You may be a bit surprised … We do not realize how our digital lives is traceable … For all that is published on the Internet