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UK goes for massive surveillance

Massive surveillance can now be officially done in the UK. The new British law which has just been approved by Queen Elisabeth  II will force ISP to store Internet users’ activity for one year. This text, which is very favorable towards the British police and intelligence services, was approved by the Queen on November 29th.

Watch the New NFL Season Anywhere in the World

Last season’s Superbowl is a distant memory now. Rookies fresh out of the draft are fighting for a starting place while the veterans are desperate to hold onto their position. The new season kicked on September 8th, and the excitement is building. The defending Super Bowl 50 champion Denver Broncos defeated indeed the Carolina Panthers

Empire: are you ready for Season 3?

Empire is a TV series phenomenon that makes you plunge into the world of hip-hop. Since January 2015, this series full of alliances, betrayals, hatreds, twists and stunts has seduced both critics and viewers. Fox news has already shown two full seasons which attracted a lot of audiences. The series is carried out by Taraji

Make the most of Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner! If you don’t know yet about Black Friday, it is the day that follows Thanksgiving in the US. It is seen indeed as the start of the holiday shopping season in the US and is now celebrated in many parts of the world:  many retailers will thus offer

Cybercrime black market

You may be wondering about the issue of data security with VPN. But do you know that a European credit card has more value on the cybercrime black market than one from North America? Do you realize that Twitter is one of the favorite tools of communication for hackers that drive the small parallel cybercrime

Watch the World’s Best TV Through a VPN

The world of TV has changed from its early dawn. The Internet now can stream TV shows from all over the world in the blink of an eye, but there restrictions that may prevent you from watching what you want. To understand what TV’s current state looks like and why geographic restrictions are put in

Internet censorship is growing

Internet censorship is on the rise for the 6th consecutive year. Whether it’s online petitions, social networking or photos challenging the behavior of some leaders in their country … every opportunity is good to intensify Internet censorship. And the data are scary: two-thirds of Internet users in the world would now be censored by their

The world map of most visited sites

The Internet is vast, there are millions of websites, the battle for ranking is huge. Who are the winners and losers, which are the world’s most visited websites. The Internet’s Most Visited Websites The Internet is vast. It is made up of tens of millions of devices, millions of websites and servers and of course,