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Cyber Attack in China Exposes 20million Users

Alibaba, one of China’s biggest companies and owner of online auction site Taobao, have recently come under attack by hackers in which cyber attack in China exposes 20million users. The attack came from a group of hackers who have since been identified, and was caused by a breach of security in the Alibaba’s cloud computing

Fisher-Price Smart Bear Open to Hacking

In a report that comes as no surprise to anyone anymore, but a toy that combines with technology has been found to include a glaring security loophole. It is found that the Fisher-Price Smart Bear open to hacking, compromising sensitive information about the child the toy is intended for. Security experts at a Boston-based company,

Prank Website Allows You To Crash Any iOS Device

A prank website allows you to crash any iOS device just by sending a link to a website. The link has grown in popularity and continues to torment unsuspecting users. The link, which is simply crashsafari.com, overloads the phone’s browser through its address bar until the point that the device cannot handle it and reboots. Not just a restart

Shops Can Track You Via Your Smartphone

UK online security watchdogs have warned that shops can track you via your smartphone, using technology already a few years old. Apparently, retailers can track every move of a shopper, just by using a signal given off when using wifi on a smartphone. Combined with facial recognition software, retailers can track movement, identifying who visits the

Phishing Attack Targeting Password Managers

Despite numerous methods of protecting your account details, including the trusted password manager technique, users are warned against a hack that can see phishing attack targeting password managers. Phishing is a method of hacking that steals both username and password combinations, even that of two-step authentication. With online hacking and stealing information becoming more and