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Stay Alert To Avoid Online Scams

The internet has made our life easy. With the lots of advantages, it also poses threats in the form of hackers and scams. There are prying eyes who are trying to get personal information about the internet users. Their only intention is to cheat innocent people. It is important to protect yourself from these online

How Can You Use VPN To Unblock YouTube?

If you haven’t heard already, YouTube has introduced a new feature for iPhone users. For those accessing YouTube iOS apps, they can stream the various contents of their phones and other devices to YouTube. This is mainly for developers of apps or for gamers. Basically, you will be able to stream the contents of your

Feature Upgrades For Windows 10 Mobile

There are a number of people who make use of Windows phone. Once you get habitual of using a Windows phone, it becomes very inconvenient to use any other android or apple phones. Windows phones do have some great features. However, Windows users will now get some additional features in their Windows 10 phones. To

Entertain Yourself With New Apple TV 4K

Apple TV receives its digital data from a huge number of sources to stream TV shows and movies. Now, a top VPN is necessary in order to protect these streaming videos that play on the Apple TV because this way, the digital data gets encryption, while providing network anonymity along with the ability to bypass filters

5 Problems With Dependence On Technology

Is smart technology making us dumb? What are the main problems with dependence on technology? Is Smart Technology Making Us Dumb? Over reliance on smart phones is only one of the ways in which advancing smart technology and the Internet of Things is affecting our daily lives. While these technologies help us in many ways

Why Should You Use A Router With VPN?

There are multiple devices within homes that you connect to the same internet connection. Of course, there is your desktop or PC. Plus, your phones, now that most of your activities go on over your Smartphone. That is precisely why a router comes in handy. If you got internet to only your desktops or laptops,

How To Protect Yourself From Data Theft?

In today’s world, every kind of business is at the risk of losing data security. It is essential to take care of your data. We keep coming across instances concerning data theft.  Recently, a huge data breach case came into light. This case concerns Equifax and approximately 143 million consumers. Apart from names, birth details, and

How VPN Helps In Online Gaming?

For most of us, online gaming is one of the most important ways of using the internet. Come on, it is fun, exciting and titillating. What more could one ask for? For pro gamers, it is imperative that they are able to try out if not all, at least most of the games that are