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Building A Global Quantum Secure Internet

China has taken a first step to explore the possibilities of a new type of internet. The scientists in China have launched quantum satellite Micius. Wondering what’s so special about this step? The main purpose of this step is to find a more secure internet called the quantum secure internet.  This Micius satellite transmits photons

What Are Pokemon Go Hacking Risks?

A while ago, Nintendo released a mobile game called Pokemon Go, which immediately attracted a lot of attention worldwide. After Pokemon Go, Nintendo’s shares and sales rates surged through the roof. The app was mainly released for Apple and Android users. It overnight became one of the most popular games in the app stores. However,

Facebook Says, “No Posts to Show”

Social media is an inevitable part of everyone’s life today. The day starts with browsing the Facebook either to upload something or to check the posts by others. Our world revolves around how many likes we have received on our Facebook posts and what our friends have to say. Amidst all this, there is one

How To Watch Wimbledon Online From Abroad

Perhaps the greatest event in the tennis, Wimbledon captures the hearts and minds of enthusiasts from around the world… but how to watch Wimbledon outside the UK? How To Watch Wimbledon Online How to watch Wimbledon from abroad is a question we get from many expats. The answer is simple, on TV or online, but