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Facebook launches Lifestage to counter Snapchat

Facebook tackles Snapchat again! The social network has just created Lifestage, an app specifically targeting teens and young adults. Mark Zuckerberg famous network is still making efforts to counter the competition: to fight Snapchat, Facebook just launched Lifestage, an app on iOS which is primarily aimed at young people. Lifestage positions itself as a service-oriented

Pokémon Go: some fears on personal data collection

Some concerns already revealed by the media regarding the collection of geolocation data in the famous Pokémon Go game! According to The Intercept website, created by the journalist Glenn Greenwald who released the Snowden revelations: “Pokémon Go is run by a man whose team has literally led to the worst debacle regarding online privacy.” He

What are the reasons to use VPN on games?

If you do enjoy playing Internet games and that you are part of the online gaming fans community, here are all the advantages of using a VPN for online games. You must know indeed that online gaming sites almost systematically retain users’ IP addresses when they log in their site. For you to be able

Top 25 Websites Only Available In The US

The Internet is global, isn’t it? You can log on wherever there is a connection, in just about any country right? It’s true that you can log in just about anywhere in the world but the Internet isn’t as global as you might think. Aside from areas where the internet is censored or banned there

How to use a VPN on a Cruise

Going for a cruise is great: you enjoy your time resting in the sun, having a drink and a swim and stopping at a harbor to visit a special resort or seing some great scenery. But how about getting access to Internet to share this good time with your loved ones? You may just need to get

How Can Netflix See You Are Using a VPN?

Do you know how to unblock American Netflix with a VPN? Discover how effectively you can unblock US Netflix! Last January, the famous television and movies Netflix streaming service announced its aim to actively prevent its members to use virtual private networks (VPN) to hide their location to access some content which is not available where

How to watch anime online?

If you are fond of manga and anime…. If Dragon Ball Z, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Space and Danny have no secret for you but that you are fond of discovering new anime series, this article is meant for you. Indeed, it is quite often very complicated for you to get access to

How to unblock Skype or Viber

If you are an expat or if you have been traveling abroad for a while, you certainly know that more and more countries use cybercensorship, by putting restrictions on website contents, access to websites and applications. This usually happens when you need to use VoIP services such as Skype or Viber to give news to

Pokemon Go, Everything You Need To Know

Pokemon Go is sweeping the globe, if you haven’t heard of it you aren’t paying attention. It’s fun for sure but also poses a risk for users many are not aware of.   Tips And Tricks For Pokemon Go I’m sure by now you’ve seen them walking around. People with their eyes glued to their

How to watch the 2016 Olympic Games online

At last, you have been waiting for this for some months already! The 2016 Olympic Games will be held this summer in Brazil, from Aug. 5 to 21st in Rio de Janeiro amazing spots. Are you ready to watch the 2016 Olympic Games live online? Every four years, the whole world is on the screen