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How to Ensure Data Security

Data theft mainly involves stealing of sensitive information. It is important that you take appropriate measures to maintain data security. Your data becomes more vulnerable when your devices are connected to open public Wi-Fi hotspots. In order to keep your data secure, it’s important to have a clear idea about data theft and how to

Why IoT security is so crucial

The security of the Internet of Things mainly involves protecting the security of the connected devices and networks in the IoT. This is a very crucial aspect and lots of stress is being laid on it. There are several factors, which make IoT security questionable. Factors that affect IoT security IoT is vulnerable: IoT does

Security Challenges On Mobile Devices

Security is important when using mobile devices, especially when connecting to the Internet. Read on to find out what you need to know. Security Challenges On Mobile Devices Believe it or not there are security risks when using a mobile device. I know, it’s surprising right, that your phone or tablet could be a possible

Ransomware attacks targeting more UK business

Digital age – threat to data privacy Chores like shopping, banking, and governance have become so stress-free with everything going digital. We enjoy browsing through online shops, adding our favorite products into cart, and making online payment- all without much fuss. But have you ever thought about consequences? Where you can make deals on click

Enjoy the 2017 World Baseball Classic live with Le VPN

The 4-year wait is over for all the avid baseball fans. The 2017 World Baseball Classic is around the corner. This international tournament, which has a wonderful blend of MLB players, players from foreign leagues, independent leagues and national amateur leagues is played across different venues across the world and the finals are held in

Top 10 Reasons Why Expats Need VPN

Digital Security For Expats Why do expats need VPN you might ask? The number one reason is to watch TV. Face it, you’re far from home, you’re working/playing hard and at the end of a long day all you want to do is watch your favorite shows from your home country and VPN is what enables

How to watch World Cup Qualifiers online

In today’s technology oriented world where several people are losing interest in playing sports; rather than playing themselves, they prefer to watch sports on television or online. Indeed, people may no longer be interested in playing sports, however, they still do love watching sports. Let’s take Cricket, for instance, everybody loves to support their team

Spotify from abroad even when you travel!

Do you want to unblock Spotify? Are you looking for a Spotify VPN? Spotify has been offering a great music streaming service since 2006. Spotify thus offers an outstanding music library with the latest music and podcasts, as well as a vast choice of music playlists fitting your taste or mood, for you to discover new sounds.

Less security alerts taken into account

Indifference to security alerts is growing among web users. Computer security alerts shall be less effective when they interrupt a task. Thus, according to a study published in August 2016 on computer psychology, 87% of Internet users do not take into account warning windows, mainly because they appear at the wrong time, when they are