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Le VPN Now Covers More than 100 Countries Worldwide

Le VPN has now added more than 64 additional servers in various countries around the world, bringing the total of coverage in more than 114 countries. Le VPN now covers most of the countries in Latin America, with Mexico, the Caribbean, and most of South America; Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay. Since the

Millions of Customers Vulnerable to Blackmail

Security experts have warned that those who have signed up to extra marital dating website Ashley Madison could potentially fall prey to blackmailing threats. The website, which is owned by Avid Media, was hacked back in July, after an anonymous threat came through from hacking group Impact Team, who demanded the website close otherwise customer’s

Watch TV Online with Le VPN

If you are someone who travels a lot or are just living abroad, you might still want to access online content from your home country. Whether it is YouTube, Spotify, or cable TV subscriptions and even some web sites, restrict content dependant on your location. So if you have an HBO account and want to

Hackers Release Sensitive Customer Details

More than a month after the threats by an anonymous hacking group who protested against the ethics of the Ashley Madison dating website, the hackers have fulfilled their threat and released vast amounts of data. The extramarital dating website, which encourages those who are in marriages and relationships, to anonymously connect with other members to hook up with.

How To Unlock American Netflix With Le VPN

Netflix is a great way to catch up on all your favourite shows, even ones that have been off the air for years, as well as brand new shows. The ever growing collection of films, from newly released to cult favourites, has enough content to keep you occupied until that favourite new show starts again. With Netflix

Watch The Premier League Online with Le VPN

After the long summer of the off-season, the English Premier League has finally returned, with two games now over, early title contenders look to assert their dominance while surprise underdogs make perfect starts. Defending champions Chelsea looked set to continue where they left off in the 2014/15 season with opening games against Swansea and Manchester City.

The Reasons Why You Need to be Using a VPN

With all the news of major companies and websites being compromised due to online hacking, now is the time to take steps to protect yourself even more. It is vital that you remain safe and secure whenever you use the internet, either for work or just leisure. Regardless of secure passwords or supposed ‘safe’ websites, you can never

Russia Threatening to Censor Reddit

The organisation, Roskomnadzor, which is responsible for all internet control in Russia has called on the popular website Reddit to take down a thread which they claim to be about growing magic mushrooms. The offending thread, has been highlighted as it promotes an illegal activity, something that Roskomnadzor looks to target across the internet and attempts

Millions of Customer’s Details Accessed in Hack

Yet another cyber attack has affected millions of people, this time the customer’s of Carphone Warehouse, one of the UK’s largest high store chain. After the attack which left millions of customer unable to access their online banking accounts in last week’s RBS heck, yet another attack has this time affected millions of customer’s details accessed