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Hackers Can Use Hello Barbie as Surveillance Tool

Mattel’s latest Barbie toy has security experts concerned with its new features. The Hello Barbie is the world’s first “interactive doll” as it can listen to a child and responding via voice, much like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s Now. But experts warn that hackers can use Hello Barbie as surveillance tool. The toy uses

Black Friday Le VPN Deals – Up To 60% Off!

Black Friday is approaching and this only means one thing; huge savings and deals. To celebrate Black Friday, Le VPN is giving users the chance to subscribe for as little as $3.95 a month, that’s a huge 60% saving off the usual price. This exclusive offer will run through the weekend and ends on Sunday,

Google Can Remotely Unlock Your Smartphone

It has been revealed by a District Attorney that Google can remotely unlock your smartphone, along with Apple, if they had to. In a court case in New York, the revelation came as it was announced that if a court order has been issued then as long as the device has not been encrypted, law

Anonymous Declare War on ISIS After Attacks

The hacktivist group Anonymous, who have led attacks against several high profile organisations, have recently announced via Twitter their latest operation. Continuing on from their Charlie Hebdo response earlier in the year, Anonymous declare war on ISIS after attacks in Paris. The #OpISIS campaign, started after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, has now been stepped up

No More YouTube Restrictions with Le VPN

YouTube allows everyone and anyone to view any video content online, for free. Nowadays you can find TV shows, full movies, documentaries or just endless videos of cats, all online for free. But some content can be blocked, but now you can bypass these and experience no more YouTube restrictions with Le VPN. More and more companies

Elaborate Airbnb Scams on the Rise

Airbnb, the worldwide holiday rental website, has grown increasingly popular the past year as more and more hosts and holiday goers sign up to the site. What started back in 2008, the small startup now boasts more than 1.5million listings in over 34000 cities in 190 countries. But with great popularity and growth usually comes

Netflix to Take on Movie Studios in Expansion

After Netflix first ventured into original movie content with Beasts Of No Nation earlier this year, they aren’t stopping at distribution, instead Netflix are pushing on by financing films. In a move which sees Netflix to take on movie studios in expansion, we will see a lot more original content coming from the streaming giants, but