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Watch TV Online Anywhere in the World with Le VPN

With Game of Thrones returning for its sixth season, you cannot afford to miss any of your favourite TV shows when they air. If you are travelling abroad, whether for work or holiday, it can be difficult to stay in touch. Many countries impose regional restrictions on online content, especially TV shows. This is down

Apple Reveal Over 1000 User Requests From US Government

According to figures released by Apple, the government asked to receive more information in the second half of 2015 than the first. As Apple reveal over 1000 user requests from US government, the figures shot up from previous years. The requests contained information from iMessages, emails, photos, device backups and other forms of information. This

What is HybridVPN and How It Can Help You

Most VPNs force you to choose between the security of a VPN connection and the speed of unlocking media content of a SmartDNS, so you can’t have one without sacrificing the other. Le VPN however, changes this with HybridVPN, combining together an encrypted VPN connection and the speed of a SmartDNS. So what is HybridVPN and how

The Many Reasons You Should Be Using a VPN

The growing concern of data theft, identity theft and hacking means that everyone should be taking precautions when they use the internet. So even if you just browse the web, or simply use Facebook, everyone is at risk. So with a VPN you can easily protect yourself and not have to worry about it again. These