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Take control of your personal data

Your personal data is like a gold mine. As suggested by Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO: “The human challenge is to regain control on the data, to give them a meaning.” Indeed, digital data management is one of the biggest challenges of this century, and personal data is at the heart of these issues, particularly on

Internet censorship, insecurity in Thailand

In Thailand, there is much insecurity as Internet is not yet so developed: broadband and 3G Internet access is still poor, security is lacking but the country is known for its pervasive censorship. Outside Bangkok and major cities, Internet access is extremely slow. Internet cafés are popular and common in Thailand, especially in major cities.

Google: always more data requests from governments

Requests for data about Google users from governments have increased by 10% in the first half of 2016. This figure is quite worrisome. And indeed, the US government is the one requiring the most about Google users. Through its report about information transparency, which Google regularly publishes since 2011, the firm explains that it has

Unblock YouTube videos with VPN

YouTube is an amazing tool, and many of us can no longer imagine our life without this source of video content. Access to websites such as YouTube is often blocked in many schools but also in corporate offices. If you happen to be traveling abroad, the country that you are visiting may also block some

Protecting Your Location Data

Now more than ever your location is collected from various sites and apps. Find out how to keep your location secure when on your phone or computer.  How To Block Geo Tracking On My Phone, Tablet And Laptop  If you haven’t yet I am sure you will soon be asking yourself an important question. A

How can Facebook know everything about you

With the different tracing methods used by Facebook to target its advertising, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network knows the most specific details about your life. How is it possible? Take this example: you become single again, then when you connect to Facebook, your profile starts displaying advertisements for dating sites. You may then have this strange

Alert on websites security in France

A new study just revealed some critical cybersecurity issues about internet in France: indeed, 100% major French companies websites show security vulnerabilities. And even worse: 60% of them have at least one serious flawwhich cybercriminals can use to exploit huge amounts of data. If it’s not really a surprise, the problem was not seen as