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Access Your Spotify Playlists Anywhere

No longer do you need to painstakingly fill your iPod up with a limited amount of music to last the trip, or even just decide what to listen to when on holiday. Nowadays, internet access is widely available, allowing Spotify to help bring everything you could ever listen to, and more. Just by having an internet

Stay Safe When Working Remotely with Le VPN

Nowadays, with high speed internet access available in most place in the world, the ability and freedom of working from home, or remotely, is higher than ever. With so many companies in hot water over security breaches and hacking recently, now is more important than ever to protect yourself online, stay safe when working remotely with

Microsoft Denies Allegations of Privacy Breaches

Privacy fears have risen from Windows 10 and their alleged data collecting from emails and other applications through Windows 10. Microsoft denies allegations of privacy breaches, and claim that there are options to turn off any data to be sent away to the company. But many are unsatisfied with Microsoft’s policies. When Windows 10 launched back

Facebook Accused of Spying on Citizens

In a privacy lawsuit looking to cause the social media giant a few headaches, the data regulating body in Belgium has Facebook accused of spying on citizens. A court in Belgium is listening to the case bought forward by the BPC, the Belgium Privacy Commission, who are accusing Facebook of not just spying on their own

Don’t Miss the Rugby World Cup with Le VPN

The Rugby World Cup is well underway in England, with several upsets already. Kicking off on the 18th September, the tournament runs until 31st October where the final will be held at Twickenham Stadium. Wherever you are in the world, don’t miss the Rugby World Cup with Le VPN. England was selected to host the

US Airline Forced to Ground Flights After Glitch

Due to a computer glitch at several busy airports across the USA, a large number of American Airlines flights have been forced to ground until the problem is resolved. Planes in Chicago, Dallas and Miami were prevented from taking off until the issue had been fixed. The issue was first bought to the airlines’ attention at