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Google Funds Free Wifi Zones in Phone Booths

With more than 10,000 telephone booths lying dormant throughout New York City for almost a decade, a plan has been hatched in order to turn these once much-relied relics into a modern purpose. Google funds free Wifi zones in phone booths all across the city, in a move that will see more and more New

Watch Wimbledon Live Online with Le VPN

The summer is here, which means Wimbledon is upon us. Top seeds Novak Djokavic, who is also the defending Wimbledon champion, and Serena Williams both kick off the action in London, which will be the tournament’s 129th event in its history. Starting on the 29th June until the 12th July, you will be able to

Fox Announces New and Returning Shows This Fall

With the summer here, good weather also means most TV shows have ended for the season. And if there is one thing that can make the coming of winter slightly more tolerable, the return of your favourite TV shows. Fox announces new and returning shows this fall with 16 titles already announced. With a whole host

Anonymity for Website Owners Comes Under Attack

Icann, the company which helps control the internet’s infrastructure has called for plans to end website owner’s anonymity. In a move that has provoked strong opposition, Icann hopes the move will mean more transparency when it comes to those who publish websites. At present, anyone who registers a domain has to provide contact details, but this

Major Internet Service Providers Slow Net Speeds

Research conducted in the United States has confirmed that several major ISP’s are slowing internet traffic to both businesses and homes all across America, counting for more than 75% of all internet users. The study, conducted by online activists Battleforthenet, has found the biggest corporations to be guilty of slowing traffic down. The companies include

Follow All the International Football with Le VPN

As summer has rolled around once again, it means the end of the domestic football season, but even though this year sees no men’s senior World Cup or European Championships, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any football to watch. With the U20 World Cup at the final stage in New Zealand, the Women’s World Cup in

Samsung Bug Exposes Android Users to Hackers

A vulnerability has been discovered in Samsung keyboards, which have unfortunately been installed in over 600million devices since last year, when the bug was first discovered. As the Samsung bug exposes Android users to hackers, it means those who know how can not only access the user’s phone, but also take control of it. The glitch, which

How to Access All of Spotify Wherever You Are

With a Spotify account and the internet, you can have your entire music collection with you all the time. Just by having an online connection you can access your library wherever you are, on whatever device you have. And if you want to experience new music, you can simply search for it and listen to it instantly.

Why You Really Should Be Using a VPN

With so much in the news about data breaches and security hacks happening across the world, it is no surprise that protecting yourself is so important now. When it can happen to the US government, Sony Pictures and Apple, then you realise no one is safe from hacking. There are numerous ways to stay safe