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Pokemon Go: who shall make the most of it?

After driving people nuts in the US, Australia or New Zealand, Pokemon Go the mobile augmented reality game is currently converting the world. Nintendo as well as Apple, Google among others see it as a jackpot. Pokemon Go, the already famous augmented reality mobile game, already present in over 40 countries, is actually a global

The UnREAL series is all about Real-TV

Do you know UnREAL, this American TV series which has already become a blockbuster? What do you feel about checking at some exclusive and fun TV series to browse at this summer, when you have some time off? Let’s start with UnREAL! UnREAL, is a Real-TV series, a satirical and cynical show created by Marti

The Privacy Shield, the new Personal Data act

The Privacy Shield, a new law framework concerning the transfer of personal data from EU to the USA has just been passed by the 28 states of the EU. Let us study its strengths and weaknesses compared to the current framework. The regulatory system to oversee the transfer of data between Europe and the US was

Get the most of Skype with Le VPN

A good VPN account isn’t free but it’s a must to have for a variety of reasons and it’s very, very affordable. One of the reasons you need a good VPN if you travel, or if you live, in certain parts of the world, you may find that you cannot access or use your Skype

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use a Free VPN

VPN software permits the user to use the Internet as a way of getting a secure connection to a business server or a different resource that has to be kept unavailable to the general public at large. This could be important since you might require authorization to utilize other servers in the foreseeable future. A

China censorship targets social media again!

Internet censorship in China keeps on increasing, targeting once more social media! The administration in charge of Internet regulation in China has reported that media can no longer use any information found on social media, without being authorized by the government. This is a new stage in censorship taken by the Chinese government, so as to

How to Watch Blocked Videos Online with Le VPN

Watching online television is soaring recently in popularity mainly because of ease of access combined with the capability for an individual to access shows from around the world. However, as much as watching online videos is simply a part of the-the social media boom; it also offers up its set of limitations for online boob

How to unblock Sky Go Italy?

You may have  heard about all the great streaming programs offered by Sky Go Italy and maybe you would like to know how to unblock Sky Go Italy? Sky Go Italy is a very good and popular streaming program that allows people based in Italy to enjoy all TV and entertainment programs: TV series, movies

Which Is Better for Online Streaming? VPN or SmartDNS?

Many SmartDNS goods on the current market also supply completely free trials, which are perfect for testing if your specific devices work with the technology. SmartDNS gives an extensive selection of compatibility in regards to operating systems and devices. This is mainly due to the simple fact n applications are needed. But is it better