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  • Excellent product.
    —Braeken ★★★★
  • This system has good performance and is stable.
    —Denis ★★★★
  • Impecable client service !
    —Ivan ★★★★
  • Using the VPN tunnel I noticed that the reception speed does not fall significantly and during transmission there is no difference.
    —Morhain ★★★★
  • Easy to use.
    —Bourgouin ★★★★★
  • Works very well.
    —Jerome ★★★★★
  • I am very satisfied with Le VPN for its discretion, its practical side and the possibility to easily reach you.
    —Alain ★★★★★
  • Very good product!
    —Serge ★★★★★
  • Very good ! Good value for money. Good assistance. I recommend to everyone.
    —Otal ★★★★★
  • I am very satisfied by the service
    —Grandjean ★★★★★
  • For the moment everything is going well. Internet connection speed does not seem to slow down.
    —Oberon ★★★★★
  • Fast, efficient and discreet! Everything is perfect!
    —Goodfabe ★★★★★
  • The fact of being able to surf internet with a calm mind, be able to download securely, this is worth much more than the product’s price compared to all the services it provides…
    —Blanes ★★★★★
  • I am very satisfied. It works very well.
    —Bernard ★★★★★
  • Living in Belgium it is very useful for watching French programs on some channels that are blocked abroad.
    —Denis ★★★★★
  • I live in NYC and I can watch almost all French channels. Thanks !
    —Fabien ★★★★★
  • Being subscribed to this service for a few months already, I am very satisfied. The Hotline is very serious, I recommend. Thank you !
    —Otal ★★★★★
    —Denis ★★★★★
  • Ever since I have subscribed to (since May 2012) I haven’t had a single problem.
    —Lanoe ★★★★★
  • Very satisfied. Le VPN works very well. The price.. we would like to have cheaper than free… but well… Bravo !
    —Michel ★★★★★
  • It is simply genius !
    —Moinon ★★★★★
  • Very satisfied with the service, fast, efficient, simple.
    —Philippe ★★★★★
  • Efficient, discreet and reliable – Le VPN is an excellent investment that allows me to surf the web with a calm mind. And what is more important, Le VPN provides certainly the best client support I’ve ever experienced.
    —Jeante ★★★★★
  • I am a Le VPN client since over a year and have renewed my subscription just a few weeks ago. I really appreciate the ability to surpass the limits of local telecom and adsl companies while using the services of big internet operators (for videos and social media).
    —Alexis ★★★★
  • Excellent service, never disconnects and always good bandwidth. That is the type of service when one forgets that it’s there, because there’s never a single problem.
    —Weverbergh ★★★★★
  • I decided to use Le VPN for many online security reasons. I use it whenever I want, and I’ve never had an issue with my online identity being exposed, it always works very well, no problem at all, and I can’t even compare it to other so-called VPNs that are not worth it! I recommend Le VPN to all the French users.
    —Christophe ★★★★★
  • Why Do You Need a VPN?

    Why Do You Need a VPN?

    Virtual Geolocation: Reside in multiple countries in Europe, the Americas or Asia simply by changing your IP geolocation
    Global Reach: Access online media reserved for other countries
    Internet Freedom: Unblock restricted websites, bypass Internet censorship and content filters
    Online Privacy: Hide your internet identity and browse anonymously
    Internet Security: Safe Internet browsing, P2P and file-sharing

  • Why choose Le VPN?

    Why choose Le VPN?

    Trustworthy VPN provider founded by a world-class team of information security specialists, protecting thousands of clients in Europe, US and all over the world since 2010.
    First class VPN software developed in partnership with SparkLabs’ Viscosity included in Le VPN offer.
    Guaranteed confidentiality: no traffic logs are kept.
    Extensive and growing network of VPN servers, currently with IPs in 50 countries.
    Top Secret level encryption, that guarantees the maximum security of your internet connection.

  • What will you get?

    What will you get?

    High speed VPN connection & unlimited bandwidth.
    350+ reliable VPN servers and IPs in 50 countries.
    Free VPN software by Viscosity (instead of US$9).
    SmartDNS service to easily unblock TV and stream videos.
    Multi-Protocol support: OpenVPN, L2TP over IPSec and PPTP.
    Simultaneous use on two different devices.
    Easy to use iOS Le VPN app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
    Compatibility with multiple devices: VPN for Mac, Windows, iPhones, iPads, Androids etc.
    Fast and responsible Support Team, assisting clients in 3 languages.
    100% money-back guarantee for 7 days.

How does Le VPN work?

Le VPN provides you with the Internet by your own rules: Full security, anonymity, unrestricted web navigation and virtual geolocation. Learn what a VPN is and why more and more people secure their Internet connection with a virtual private network.

With Le VPN, you can bypass restrictions and watch your favorite TVshows – wherever you are.

Le VPN allows you to change your IP address to an IP of one of 50 different countries offered. That means you can be in France and watch American TV online, listen to Pandora, or watch digital content on Netflix or other similar services. Le VPN’s new SmartDNS service, which is included in our Premium plans, allows you to enjoy your favorite online media content – whether a live sporting event, movie or a new TV series – at ultra-fast speeds! You can view this fast-streaming content on whichever device you prefer, including your smart TV.

So go ahead – start enjoying your favorite online media and television from anywhere in the world with Le VPN today!

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Le VPN helps you to remain anonymous and protects your Internet privacy. With Le VPN, you can hide behind numerous IPs based in 50 different countries and enjoy private browsing. With an anonymous IP, your real IP will be replaced with our server’s IP address, making it almost impossible to detect your real IP, geolocation, Internet service provider and other private information. Moreover, our advanced security techniques with government-level encryption will protect your Internet connection from prying eyes. No one will be able to listen to or control your Internet traffic, no matter what type of connection you are using. Join Le VPN right now and increase your Online Privacy!

Every time you connect to Internet, especially through less secure channels like 3G and open WiFi sources, you are running the serious risk of compromising your connection (being hacked or listened to). Such cases are more and more numerous, as open WiFi sources are becoming more available and tempting. Using Le VPN is a great way to connect with total security and a calm mind from anywhere you wish, even from a public hotspot. Le VPN offers three types of security protocols: Open VPN, PPTP and L2TP. In addition, Le VPN protects the client’s connection with X.509 certificates (for OpenVPN authentication) and AES-256 algorithm, encrypting all traffic to Top Secret level security standards (the same as used by U.S. government). Secure your Internet connection with a military-strong VPN tunnel! Subscribe to Le VPN!

Le VPN hides your real IP address and changes your geolocation information as you wish! With just one click you, can change your IP address to the one in any of 50 available countries (from U.S. and Europe to Japan, Singapore and Australia). By connecting to one of our VPN servers you can make everyone believe that you are based in the country of your choice!

This feature is especially interesting for those based in countries with strict Internet censorship, as Le VPN allows clients to unblock Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media websites which are often blocked in those countries. By using an IP address of a censorship-free country such as UK, Canada or France, you can bypass all of the censorship limitations of your country and enjoy your Internet freedom for a few dollars per month! Learn more about Le VPN’s plans and pricing!

Le VPN Plans & Pricing

$ 650/mo

Save 55%
Best Value

  • $179.88 $77.99 Annually
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Immediate Activation
  • Unlimited Speed & Data Transfer
  • 2 Simultaneous Connections
  • Custom VPN Software
  • VPN iOS app for iPhone & iPad
  • High Speed SmartDNS
  • HybridVPN

$ 750/mo

Save 50%

  • $89.94 $44.99 Semiannually
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Immediate Activation
  • Unlimited Speed & Data Transfer
  • 2 Simultaneous Connections
  • Custom VPN Software
  • VPN iOS app for iPhone & iPad
  • High Speed SmartDNS
  • HybridVPN

$ 1000/mo

Save 35%

  • $44.97 $29.99 Quarterly
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Immediate Activation
  • Unlimited Speed & Data Transfer
  • 2 Simultaneous Connections
  • Custom VPN Software
  • VPN iOS app for iPhone & iPad
  • High Speed SmartDNS
  • HybridVPN

$ 1499/mo


  • $14.99 Monthly
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Immediate Activation
  • Unlimited Speed & Data Transfer
  • 2 Simultaneous Connections
  • Custom VPN Software
  • VPN iOS app for iPhone & iPad
  • High Speed SmartDNS
  • HybridVPN
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What is Virtual Private Network?

A Virtual Private Network or a VPN is a technology that allows one to establish a 100% secure Internet connection through an encrypted virtual tunnel. Once you connect to a VPN like Le VPN, all of your Internet traffic goes through an isolated VPN tunnel with a military-strong encryption and your real IP changes to one of the Le VPN servers. Use of a virtual private network allows you to change & hide your IP address, bypass proxy, unblock censored websites, enhance your online privacy and surf the Internet anonymously. Le VPN is one of the top VPN providers on the market, and Le VPN tunnel guarantees 100% online protection and anonymous Internet browsing with just one click! Simply select a VPN server in one of 50 different countries and your IP address will be automatically replaced with an anonymous IP address of the country you’ve selected. The VPN installation is simple and doesn’t take longer than 2 minutes. Buy a VPN plan now or follow us on social networks to watch for upcoming Le VPN promotions to get a free VPN account!

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