Understanding The Criteria Of Twitter Censorship

Understanding The Criteria Of Twitter Censorship

Twitter has always promoted itself as a free speech, social media platform. But these days twitter is being extra cautious. Accounts are being suspended. Twitter censorship is becoming stricter. Key examples are a suspension of the account of Alexandra Brodsky. Brodsky is an activist and research fellow. The account of Maiol Sanaüja has also been suspended. Maiol Sanaüja is pro-independence opponent to Catalonia’s government.

Label A Tweet

Twitter censorship has given the users the option to label a tweet. They can label it as sensitive, offensive, harming, spam, etc. Accordingly twitter will take appropriate action. Twitter is also trying to take measures for targeted harassment. They are taking measures so that people can report abusive tweets more easily.

Measures To Protect Your Account

Many of you would not like to leave twitter. At the same time, you would not like to have your account suspended due to Twitter censorship. Here are some measures that you can take for this. If there is anyone who does not like what you say, then block him. Do not engage in any conversations with him. Make sure that you diversify your issues. You must try to have followers from different countries. This will help you in not having many denouncers who can have your account suspended. Twitter censorship is important. But freedom of speech is also important. At the same time, people must also learn to tweet more responsibly.

Twitter Censorship And Better Online Security

All of you will agree that it is important to be web wise and a good internet citizen. But there are some who fail to do this. It is for this reason that censorship is being imposed on social media platform. It is one of the ways towards better online security of people. For online security, you can also make use of VPN services. With Le VPN, you will be able to overcome the problems of unwanted censorship and unblocked YouTube. You can change the IP and can access the websites of your choice. But it is for you to decide what is right and what is wrong.

Avoid Common Security Mistakes

Also make sure that you avoid the common mistakes about security. Always make use of update anti-virus an anti-malware software. Use firewall and password management. Shop only from secure websites and protect all your personal information.

Make use of a good virtual private network service provider like Le VPN. This will ensure that you can browse different websites with complete security. You will remain safe even on public wi-fi.  Le VPN has different budget friendly packages. They have a wide network across the globe.



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