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Internet censorship in the world

Nowadays, we tend to take Internet for granted, especially in developed countries.We can hardly imagine our lives without access to the web, everywhere and somewhat immediately. However, the situation is not the same in many parts of the world with pervasive censorship in many countries, mainly to limit the freedom of access to information. We

Tools, Technology and Internet Filtering

Internet filtering is good, it can be bad and sometimes it is real ugly. Read on to find out what you need to know, including how to bypass it. Internet Filtering For Dummies Internet filtering, yet another one of those techie buzzwords that sounds like a good thing, but do you really know what it

The world map of most visited sites

The Internet is vast, there are millions of websites, the battle for ranking is huge. Who are the winners and losers, which are the world’s most visited websites. The Internet’s Most Visited Websites The Internet is vast. It is made up of tens of millions of devices, millions of websites and servers and of course,

Tajikistan blocking Facebook

How to unblock Facebook in Tajikistan? Both YouTube and Facebook are now inaccessible via many Internet service providers in Tajikistan. In Tajikistan, the chief of communications has indeed decided to block Facebook, the extremely popular western social media site Facebook. According to the chief of communications, he was receiving too many requests from residents to shut down

Countries Where VPN Use is Prohibited

What is a VPN? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network technology that develops a secure online connection over both private networks as well as the entire Internet, allowing users to access websites that are normally restricted or blocked for different reasons. Multinational companies, educational institutions (for research purposes) and federal governments utilize VPN

Public Anonymity In Danger Due to Facial Recognition

FindFace, a newly released smartphone app, has taken Russia by storm and is potentially putting public anonymity in danger due to facial recognition. The app, developed by Artem Kukharenko and Alexander Kabakov, allows users to photograph people and work out their identities, with reliability sitting around 70%. It works by comparing photographs with the social media

China censors 4 U.S. series

Recently, the U.S. media denounced four U.S. popular TV series which had been censored by China on the web, even on legal streaming sites: The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, The Good Wife and The Practice were unfairly censored despite the fact that they are not as subversive or violent as Game of Thrones, the latter

Russia: new “anti- terrorist” laws targeting blogs

The lower house of the Russian Parliament adopted on April 22nd several laws strengthening the control of the authorities on blogs, thus empowering the ever stronger Russian internet censorship as well as the penalties for ” mass disturbances ” , a common charge for various opponents. After several readings, the Duma adopted a law requiring

E.U. supports an Internet censorship project

If social networks are seen as a gold mine in terms of information and citizens’ expressions, they can also be used to spread rumors. To solve this, some researchers are working on a type of “lie detector” on Twitter and Facebook. The objective is to verify in real time the information for governments, emergency services,