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Saudi Arabia wants to censor YouTube

Are you dreaming of an unblocked Youtube in Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia Internet censorship is said to be one of the most extensive in the world. Indeed, 18 months after the Internet was introduced in the Kingdom back in 1999, the number of sites that have been banned in the country already reached 200,000. In 2012,

Tools, Technology and Internet Filtering

Internet filtering is good, it can be bad and sometimes it is real ugly. Read on to find out what you need to know, including how to bypass it. Internet Filtering For Dummies Internet filtering, yet another one of those techie buzzwords that sounds like a good thing, but do you really know what it

Thai media censorship is growing

On May 22nd, the Thai army announced on TV to have taken control of the country “in order to restore a normal situation “, due to the talks between the various political movements fail to reach any decision. As from now on, TV will only broadcast information disseminated by the army and foreign channels have

Turkey unblocks Twitter

The Turkish authorities have just decided to stop blocking Twitter, after growing international protests that have occurred since March 20th. On April 3rd, as as announced the Telecommunications Authority (TIB), the Turkish government decided to unblock the microblogging site that had become illegal two weeks before after publications mentioning corruption allegations targeting Prime Minister Recep

An unprecedented censorship in Russia

The United States recently denounced the “unprecedented” censorship of Russian media: the Russian government has recently blocked additional opposition websites as well as internet alternative sources of information on the crisis in Ukraine. “In the past year, the Russian government has approved a series of laws that implemented unprecedented internet media censorship and publication restrictions

RSF speaks out about the enemies of internet

During the International Day against Cyber ​​Censorship, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) spoke about its updated list of “enemies of Internet”: the RSF points out the methods of some countries, for their internet surveillance and censorship, although they are said to be democratic countries. RSF has identified 31 institutions that it considers to act as “enemies

Turkey: Erdogan wants to ban YouTube and Facebook

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been the key topic of a political and financial scandal for many months. He just announced that he could ban Facebook and YouTube in Turkey after the municipal elections i.e.  on March30th, in a TV interview broadcast on March 7th. Indeed he announced on a private Turkish TV

Venezuela shuts off the Internet

While being in a deep political crisis, the Venezuelan government has begun to implement a stronger cybercensorship, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. This censorship would apply particularly in areas where the fights between the rebel students and the police are more violent. In a country where the media are controlled by the authorities ,