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Internet censorship in the world

Nowadays, we tend to take Internet for granted, especially in developed countries.We can hardly imagine our lives without access to the web, everywhere and somewhat immediately. However, the situation is not the same in many parts of the world with pervasive censorship in many countries, mainly to limit the freedom of access to information. We

Watch Euro 2016 Live Online With Le VPN

Now that the domestic season is coming to an end, with most of the champions decided in the major leagues across Europe, attention can almost turn to the European Championships in France. Wherever you are, don’t miss a game, watch Euro 2016 live online with Le VPN. Euro 2016 will take place in France and will

Watch the French Open from abroad

Make sure you watch Roland Garros online. The Roland Garros, otherwise known as the French Open, is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world. It is now in full swing, and you would probably like to follow the great matches that will take place until mid -June. Who are the standout contenders

China censors 4 U.S. series

Recently, the U.S. media denounced four U.S. popular TV series which had been censored by China on the web, even on legal streaming sites: The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, The Good Wife and The Practice were unfairly censored despite the fact that they are not as subversive or violent as Game of Thrones, the latter

Russia: new “anti- terrorist” laws targeting blogs

The lower house of the Russian Parliament adopted on April 22nd several laws strengthening the control of the authorities on blogs, thus empowering the ever stronger Russian internet censorship as well as the penalties for ” mass disturbances ” , a common charge for various opponents. After several readings, the Duma adopted a law requiring

After Twitter, Turkey blocks YouTube

The Turkish government has ordered on March 27th YouTube platform to be blocked. This occurred just a week after banning the use of Twitter, after the release of pirate records who challenge the regime. And this decision took place just before the municipal elections, on the weekend of March 29th that are crucial to Prime