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What Are Ad Blockers All About?

What, according to you, is the most annoying thing about watching videos online? The answer would unanimously be the numerous advertisements that crop up between the videos, without your permission. Why just videos or live streaming? Ads are omnipresent; you might simply be looking up something important online, and you may come across a bunch

China Plans Ban On VPN Services By 2018

VPN services are becoming popular day-by-day. There are too many benefits of a VPN service. This is true in the case of country with strict internet censorship. Not just for laptops, you can also use these services on the go. The Mobile VPN applications are specially designed for your smartphones. These services are compatible with

Understanding The Criteria Of Twitter Censorship

Twitter has always promoted itself as a free speech, social media platform. But these days twitter is being extra cautious. Accounts are being suspended. Twitter censorship is becoming stricter. Key examples are a suspension of the account of Alexandra Brodsky. Brodsky is an activist and research fellow. The account of Maiol Sanaüja has also been

Watch Season 6 Walking Dead with Le VPN

There are a number of popular foreign television shows which audiences love to watch again and again. It is not that only comedy and suspense rules television world. Programmes like the Walking Dead also won the hearts of millions of people across the globe. For a seamless experience, use Le VPN to watch season 6

Spotify Plans Expansion In Asian Countries

Music is the best company when we are travelling. It helps soothe your mind and keeps your mind refreshed. And Spotify is one such music streaming service provider, which is preferred by travellers. Now, the people in Thailand and Vietnam can enjoy Spotify premium abroad. At present, Spotify services are available in more than 50

Watch Stanley Cup Final Live With Le VPN

Finally, the schedule for the Stanley Cup Final is out. The excitement begins on May 29. The finals may continue till mid-June. Sports channels like Sportsnet, CBC and Sportsnet NOW, will telecast the matches live. However, if you cannot watch the live telecast on these channels, you can watch Stanley Cup Final live. Wondering how?