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Spotify Plans Expansion In Asian Countries

Music is the best company when we are travelling. It helps soothe your mind and keeps your mind refreshed. And Spotify is one such music streaming service provider, which is preferred by travellers. Now, the people in Thailand and Vietnam can enjoy Spotify premium abroad. At present, Spotify services are available in more than 50

Watch Stanley Cup Final Live With Le VPN

Finally, the schedule for the Stanley Cup Final is out. The excitement begins on May 29. The finals may continue till mid-June. Sports channels like Sportsnet, CBC and Sportsnet NOW, will telecast the matches live. However, if you cannot watch the live telecast on these channels, you can watch Stanley Cup Final live. Wondering how?

Ukraine Bans Russian Social Media And Web Businesses

Recently, Ukraine announced a ban on the nation’s two most popular social media networks based in Russia. Ukraine’s President, Petro Poroshenko, himself, revealed the internet censorship decrees. The announcement comes as a part of Ukraine’s sanctions against Russian firms. Impact Of The Decision This internet censorship will affect: The search engine Yandex Cyber security bigwig

Egypt Censors VoIP Services Like WhatsApp And Skype

Egypt is now censoring the VOIP services including WhatsApp and Skype. But you can use the VOIP VPN to access these services to avoid censorship. Egypt is increasing the internet censorship. The country has now blocked the VOIP services. These include WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facetime etc. Though security reasons was given as the prime cause