Facebook And Google Face A $100 Million Phishing Attack

Facebook And Google Face A $100 Million Phishing Attack

With almost everyone becoming internet savvy, internet security has become a major cause of concern. The internet security is of utmost importance to everyone as the data are extremely vulnerable in today’s world. We hear news related to phishing, frauds and other problems. These issues not only plague common people, they target big corporate as well. But this time, these fraudsters have targeted two giant companies Google and Facebook.

The internet is a tool used by everyone on a daily basis. Almost all money and data transactions are happening online. Such a level of dependency on the internet not only compromise on the security of individuals but also on money. Definitely, this is very disturbing.

The Facebook And Google Issue

Recently, Facebook and Google became target of a $100 million phishing attack. According to the news, a man named Evaldas Rimasauskas was arrested in relation to this cyber crime. He allegedly impersonated a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, Quanta Computer.

Employees at Google and Facebook received phishing emails, demanding payment for goods and services. He then moved the money to different accounts in various companies. Evaldas then forged signatures of Facebook and Google executives on contracts and letters to get hold of the funds. He allegedly obtained $100 million, but Facebook claimed to recover funds soon afterwards. Both companies are pressing charges and looking towards fair investigation.

On Evaldas’ demand, the employees at Facebook and Google sent the money to bank accounts overseas. However, Evaldas Rimasauskas is denying the allegations made against him.

How To Avoid Phishing And Ensure Internet Security:

It is very tricky to understand how to stay safe in today’s fast paced internet world. The technology advancement is improving our lives. But, it also brings in some wicked things. Hence, the internet security is always at risk.

Many a times, we receive messages that ask us to click on a particular URL. Even though the site looks authentic, it may be a fake one. Google offers pop up messages when you are about to click a forged URL. This prevents internet users from clicking on unreliable links.

Make Sure To Type Web Addresses

Refrain from clicking on URLs appearing on the web address bar. Instead, make sure to type the website name. Using password managers can save you from activities such as phishing password.

Use Le VPN For Internet Security

You can easily keep away the worries concerning the internet security. A reliable VPN connection like Le VPN is one of the best ways to ensure your internet security. Le VPN encrypts the user network with a top-secret level cipher. This helps secure you from hackers trying to acquire sensitive information.

Hackers cannot reach your data as the VPN masker hides your computer behind the numerous VPN servers. As a result, the third-party person can’t infiltrate the connection.

Becoming a victim of phishing can lead to a lot of trouble for you. Knowing the basics internet security is very important in today’s internet dependent world.



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