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The world map of most visited sites

The Internet is vast, there are millions of websites, the battle for ranking is huge. Who are the winners and losers, which are the world’s most visited websites. The Internet’s Most Visited Websites The Internet is vast. It is made up of tens of millions of devices, millions of websites and servers and of course,

How Hackers Bypassed Google’s 2-Step Authentication

When it comes to keeping your passwords, and the associated accounts, safe, there are many factors to consider. Not choosing obvious passwords such as family names or favourite things, and by including numbers and symbols all help to secure them from being hacked. But one method which has been adopted by many websites and services

Samsung and Huawei Fingerprint Scanners Hacked By Printer

Fingerprint scanners on phones were supposed to herald in a new age of security, replacing password entries. But the new technology took a step backwards as it was found that Samsung and Huawei fingerprint scanners hacked by printer. Researchers from Michigan State University found that by using simple methods, involving an off the shelf inkjet printer

Google Can Remotely Unlock Your Smartphone

It has been revealed by a District Attorney that Google can remotely unlock your smartphone, along with Apple, if they had to. In a court case in New York, the revelation came as it was announced that if a court order has been issued then as long as the device has not been encrypted, law

Samsung Galaxy S6 Affected by Numerous Bugs

Google have announced that their specialist team of security experts have found that the latest offering from Samsung is far from secure as the Samsung Galaxy S6 affected by numerous bugs. As what is standard practice for Google and their Project Zero security team when they test new hardware for errors. When they began testing the

World’s Top Companies Failing at Data Privacy

In an exhaustive report on data protection, privacy and censorship on some of the world’s largest tech companies have shown an alarming trend. None of them offered an adequate level of disclosure on their levels of privacy and censorship, resulting in the highest scoring company only at 65%. As the report shows the world’s top tech

Samsung Suffers Hack on Pay System

A small upstart company in Massachusetts, USA, came up with the idea that would later be bought out by one of the world’s biggest electronic brands, Samsung. This technology, called LoopPay, would later evolve into what underpins Samsung’s mobile payments system, to rival Apple Pay. But Chinese hackers attacked the small subsidiary a number of