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What Are Pokemon Go Hacking Risks?

A while ago, Nintendo released a mobile game called Pokemon Go, which immediately attracted a lot of attention worldwide. After Pokemon Go, Nintendo’s shares and sales rates surged through the roof. The app was mainly released for Apple and Android users. It overnight became one of the most popular games in the app stores. However,

Facebook Says, “No Posts to Show”

Social media is an inevitable part of everyone’s life today. The day starts with browsing the Facebook either to upload something or to check the posts by others. Our world revolves around how many likes we have received on our Facebook posts and what our friends have to say. Amidst all this, there is one

Netflix User Base May Reach 128 Million By 2022

The user base of Netflix is increasing by the day. With more and more people switching to the online streaming of entertainment, Netflix movies is all set to benefit. Netflix is an American entertainment company. They are mainly involved in digital entertainment, video on demand online etc. If one wants to access Netflix movies in

Google Introduces Interland Online Gaming for Kids

Everyone, including kids, is hooked to the internet these days. No doubt! It is important that they understand everything about the internet safety. With this aim in the mind, Google has launched a new game called the Interland Online Gaming. Understanding the Concept of Interland Google is using the online gaming method to teach children

Spotify Plans Expansion In Asian Countries

Music is the best company when we are travelling. It helps soothe your mind and keeps your mind refreshed. And Spotify is one such music streaming service provider, which is preferred by travellers. Now, the people in Thailand and Vietnam can enjoy Spotify premium abroad. At present, Spotify services are available in more than 50

ExtraTorrent Shuts Down Permanently

ExtraTorrent was an absolute heavenly abode for movie buffs. This was their favourite place to snatch torrents. However, with the sudden shutdown of this popular website, things came to a standstill for movie freaks. They did not know what to do. Therefore, with the ExtraTorrent closure, people are looking at other website to unblock movies.

Net Neutrality Issue Again Surfaces In The US

In today’s internet-dependent world, net neutrality impacts each and everyone around us. The internet lets people to connect and exchange the information easily. By and large, there is much happening around the concept. For example, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) moves to ban the current rules on neutrality of the internet. At this point, the

How To Make Anonymous Internet Browsing

Most of us want to make anonymous Internet browsing. However, keeping your internet surfing activities completely hidden is next to impossible. There are different reasons why one has to keep the internet browsing data secret. These reasons can vary from person to person. First and foremost, have you ever thought why people prefer anonymous Internet

Ukraine Bans Russian Social Media And Web Businesses

Recently, Ukraine announced a ban on the nation’s two most popular social media networks based in Russia. Ukraine’s President, Petro Poroshenko, himself, revealed the internet censorship decrees. The announcement comes as a part of Ukraine’s sanctions against Russian firms. Impact Of The Decision This internet censorship will affect: The search engine Yandex Cyber security bigwig