Browse The Internet Without Leaving Your Footprints

Browse The Internet Without Leaving Your Footprints

In today’s scenario, it’s difficult to be online without attracting trackers. This is because; companies are always on the lookout to learn everything about the users. The firm earns huge profits by selling that information to the advertisers. Hence, IT security is an absolute necessity in today’s world as privacy is essential.

Options To Browse Privately

Now, in order to hide your activities online, you have to use a few tools. Many of these tools add up to a largely unknown browsing experience. Even though these methods do not give 100 percent assurance of IT security, they make you less vulnerable online. The first option is using an incognito window through regular browsers. Tunneling out using VPN is another option. And using TOR browser is the third option that is useful to maintain complete anonymity while you are online.

  1. Using an incognito window: This option is basically covering your track records on the Web starting with your browser’s own browsing feature. Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox each have this feature, which keeps the browser from recording the history of the pages you visit. You can enable the private browsing from the main menu in the browsers. In Internet Explorer it’s named InPrivate Browsing, in Chrome it’s called Incognito mode/ window, and in Firefox it’s called Private Window.
  2. Using VPN can help in Secret Browsing: Use of a VPN is one easy method. Le VPN is easy to install and offers IT security at affordable cost. A VPN is becoming a popular method for online safety, anonymous browsing, and bypassing censorship. Le VPN’s VPN servers offer complete IT security on one hand, and prevent a large volume of government surveillance and malware activities on the other.
  3. Tor browser: The Tor browser allows you to browse the internet secretly. When you use a Tor browser, your details are safe as it uses an onion routing. This helps to cover information about user activity.

Some More Options For IT Security

Other options include not sending location data through the browser, or indulging more in anonymous searches on Google/ other search engines, which utilizes the regular searches by a user and gives results/ ads accordingly. Or stopping Google from tracking you is also an option. This happens via Google maps, Gmail, Google+, etc.

Some other ways to maintain IT security include:

  • Opting out of tracking cookies that are embedded on web pages
  • Blocking all kinds of trackers
  • Using of ad/ plug-in blockers
  • Disabling plug-ins that aren’t used along with Java
  • Using of a proxy network

Reveal Minimum Information On Social Media

Social media plays a large role, here, in giving out private information openly online. So, avoiding information on social media also helps to maintain IT Security up to a great extent. At the same time, one needs to be careful about what information they share on social media.

After all, maintaining anonymity online takes a lot of efforts from users, as well as service providers. Being tracked online has its own disadvantages. The primary factor today is that not only it is risking privacy, but it is also risking valuable information. Hence proper care should be taken when one enters online, whether to leave footprints or not.

Opt For Le VPN

When you use online VPN services, you are at peace as you don’t need to worry about your IT security. With Le VPN your internet connection gets encryption with a top-secret level cipher. No hacker can reach your sensitive information due to high level of security that Le VPN offers. It is very important that you are safe online and paying a small amount for security is a wise decision. You can subscribe to Le VPN services for as low as 4.95/month.



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