What Are Pokemon Go Hacking Risks?

What Are Pokemon Go Hacking Risks?

A while ago, Nintendo released a mobile game called Pokemon Go, which immediately attracted a lot of attention worldwide. After Pokemon Go, Nintendo’s shares and sales rates surged through the roof. The app was mainly released for Apple and Android users. It overnight became one of the most popular games in the app stores. However, there was one major disadvantage that arose with this app coming into the spotlight. Techies and experts from all over the world started scrutinizing the app. Security and Pokemon Go hacking risks were some of the major concerns.

Must Know About Pokemon Go Hacking Risks

It was a well-known web security expert named Adam Reeve, who first discovered the Pokemon go hacking risks.  The problem when you download anonymously, if it affects you, will hamper your Google account, which is a must if you are playing it.

How It Affects the Google Account

When you first start playing, you need to open an account using your Google id. However, you are not allowed to create a new account altogether. You will have to choose between any two accounts that already exist – namely, your Google account or your Pokemon Go account.

Most apps that come with the same features usually state a warning at the beginning that this gives the game access to your name and email address. But, in this case no such message pops up. Instead, by signing in with Google, you are giving the game makers a complete access to your entire account. Do you realize how dangerous that is?

The Risks Associated with It

If you have signed in with Google and have received the message as mentioned in the section above, this is what it potentially means. Pokemon Go makers will get a complete access to your Gmail account (yes, that includes all mails sent and received), the content on your Google drive which may contain private details and information and even photographs.

Moreover, this also gives the app makers a control over your account, allowing them to use the information as they please. They may even access your search history, look up stuff, check your location and map history and so on. In short, everything you have ever done on the internet (along with your digital footprint) becomes entirely their property. Also, if you have other accounts linked with Google, the app makers might get access to that also.

What We Can Do

At present, no such measures are in place to fix these very grave Pokemon go hacking risks. However, Android users can always change their privacy settings to control the information available to the app makers.

This is one of the major risks associated with the game which has become all the rage now. But before you decide to follow the masses and download the app, you need to educate yourself about the dangers lurking in every corner.

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