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What Are Pokemon Go Hacking Risks?

A while ago, Nintendo released a mobile game called Pokemon Go, which immediately attracted a lot of attention worldwide. After Pokemon Go, Nintendo’s shares and sales rates surged through the roof. The app was mainly released for Apple and Android users. It overnight became one of the most popular games in the app stores. However,

The Many Benefits of Using a VPN

There are many benefits of using a VPN and there has never been a better time to start protecting yourself online, with cyber attacks and data breaches occurring all over the world. Outside of virus protection, most people are not even aware they have to protect themselves in other ways. The easiest and most secure

Watch Euro 2016 Live Online With Le VPN

Now that the domestic season is coming to an end, with most of the champions decided in the major leagues across Europe, attention can almost turn to the European Championships in France. Wherever you are, don’t miss a game, watch Euro 2016 live online with Le VPN. Euro 2016 will take place in France and will

Watch TV Online Anywhere in the World with Le VPN

With Game of Thrones returning for its sixth season, you cannot afford to miss any of your favourite TV shows when they air. If you are travelling abroad, whether for work or holiday, it can be difficult to stay in touch. Many countries impose regional restrictions on online content, especially TV shows. This is down