Australian Government Allots A$15 Million Funding For Cyber Security

Australian Government Allots A$15 Million Funding For Cyber Security

Small businesses are the easy targets for e-crimes. The Australia government gives A$15 million funding to discourage cyber security threats for small business.

The world has indeed turned into a global village. Thanks to the easy availability of internet and the recent innovations in the field of technology. We are very much dependent on the online stuff. Therefore, it is impossible to imagine running a business without a website. Online presence is a must, be it small scale industries or large multinational companies.

Small Businesses Are The Easy Targets

Today, we tend to store most of our information online – hacking of such information may potentially ruin us. The statistics show that the cyber security threats affect small scale businesses more than others.

The Council Of Small Businesses Of Australia (COSBOA) highlights that one in five small businesses fell prey to an online extortion attack in 2016. This year, the cybercrime is likely to go up. To avoid the cyber security threats for small business, COSBOA is always alert. The COSBOA adopted a “three pillars” approach. This approach covers education and training; prevention and inoculation; and disaster recovery.

Australian Government’s Funding

In Australia, the federal government is all set to offer A$15 million in funding. These funds are kept aside for small business to deal with the cyber security threats. The Reserve Bank has reported that there is an attack once in every 4 seconds. The federal government’s step is a vital move to deal with cyber security threats for small business.

Some Ways To Keep Away From Cyber Security Threats For Small Business:

  • Password policy- Make a password mandatory for a customer trying to access any private information on your website. In that case, you require a password policy too. For instance, it is important to know the length of the passwords, or its verification procedure. Having a strong and a fool proof password policy will significantly reduce your chances of getting affected.
  • Company website – Simply owning a company website isn’t enough. It is equally important to make sure that the website is secure and strong enough to ward off cybercriminals. Most websites are open to all. That allows hackers and other cyber criminals to access the private networks of your company. Hence, it is easy for them to introduce malwares into your system. While designing the website, it is thus important to pay more attention to security aspects.
  • Connected devices – At a company, there are a number of connected devices like printers. Now these may seem harmless. In the first place, we always feel that no one can gain access to our company network through a mere printer. Right? Nevertheless, hackers know where your vulnerabilities lie. They can access your private network through such devices. Hence, it is equally important to confirm that all devices in your company are secure. Better be safe than sorry, right?
  • Former employees – Well, as they say, hell hath no fury like an employee scorned. Former employees with a bone to pick with, you might intentionally leak private information which might be used by cybercriminals to harm you.

No matter what you do, cyber criminals seem to find a way into your system. However, investing in cyber security is one way of ensuring that you don’t end up becoming a victim. One easy way to ensure the safety is the fastest VPN of Le VPN.

VPNs To Ensure Safety From Cyber Security Threats For Small Business

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers a high level of security by using advanced encryption. In case you want to keep your important data safe and hidden, use Le VPN. The VPN service provider uses top encryption algorithms to guard all traffic that passes through its VPN servers.

Le VPN is also useful to safeguard from cyber security threats for small business. AES-256, used by Le VPN, is one of the top encryption methods available in the market today. With this highly advanced security method, Le VPN is the best choice to ensure avoiding any cyber security threats for small business.



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