HybridVPN, the fastest VPN service

HybridVPN, the fastest VPN service

What is a HybridVPN by Le VPN?

HybridVPN is an awesome mix of the fastest VPN service and a SmartDNS.

It provides not only the security and the reliability of a VPN, but also the speed and the ease of use of a SmartDNS.

When you activate a HybridVPN, fastest VPN service connection, all of your traffic passes through our highly secure VPN tunnel while all online media is automatically unblocked. Therefore, you are able to enjoy both the security of a VPN connection and the access to American, British and French online media no matter where you are based and to which Le VPN server you are currently connected.

In fact, the geolocation requests from online media websites pass through Le VPN tunnel and then through our SmartDNS servers, the combination of which allows you to unblock the online media and keep the fast connection speed of your HybridVPN, fastest vpn service. The ultimate speed of HybridVPN comes from the fact that not all of the online media content is being redirected through the media’s country, unlike with a standard VPN connection.

HybridVPN provides the fastest connection speed and optimal security.

If you require the maximum connection speed, you can connect to the nearest HybridVPN server to ensure the fastest speed for your location, while protecting your traffic with a VPN encryption and enjoying all supported online media at the same time.

HybridVPN automatically unblocks US, UK and French online medias.

So, for example, let’s say you are in Vietnam and you want to watch a US TV channel like NBC, which blocks its live online broadcasting for viewers outside of the US. At the same time, you want to protect your Internet connection, hide your IP address and you also require the fastest Internet speed for your browsing. What you can do is connect to our HybridVPN server in Vietnam and enjoy the fastest browsing speed for Vietnam while watching American NBC online through an anonymous and highly secure HybridVPN connection.

There is no need to connect directly to a Le VPN server in the US in order to watch US TV. You can use any of the nearest HybridVPN servers or any other HybridVPN, fastest VPN service, server of your liking, and all of the supported online media will be unblocked automatically.

HybridVPN is also the fastest way to setup and use our SmartDNS service.

No need to configure your IP or change DNS settings – simply connect to the HybridVPN server nearest to you and enjoy numerous online media that is unblocked in no time.

HybridVPN and SmartDNS Supported Channels

American TV & Streaming Media Services:

huluabccbsnbcABC NewsAmazon Instant VideoComedy CentralHulu PlusSouth Park Studios

British TV & Streaming Media Services:

bbc1bbc2bbc3bbc4bbciplayerbbcnewsbbcparliamentbbcalbacbbccbeebiesWatch Channel 4 UKitv1itv2itv3itv4citv4 musicThe Box plus TVHeat TVSmashhits TVKiss TVMagic TVKerrang! TV

French TV & Streaming Media Services:

france2france3france4france5franceofrancetvpluzzm66 play TVW9 TV6 Styles TV6 Stories TVCrazy Kitchen TV6 Comic TVNRJ 12HD1NT1TF1TMC

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