Crime: between internet and reality

Crime: between internet and reality

Cybercrime is gaining ground in the real world with same approaches being used by cybercriminals and traditional  criminals as well. We also note that more and more cases of crime involving the use of digital media, “says the French security information Club ( CLUSIF ) in its 2013 Panorama.

According to Eric Freyssinet, Head of the Division of fight against cybercrime in the French national police, one can speak of “internationalization of organized crime with links between the two worlds. And France is highly targeted by these cybercriminals: there were only French business data on some servers found by the Symantec security company.”

He also quoted a criminal group “apparently based in Israel” that appealed to cybercriminals “apparently based in Ukraine to gather information targeted business computer positions to get passwords, credit card numbers while money transfers occurred”.

The CLUSIF noted that the year 2013 has seen numerous cybercriminals arrests, especially related to the Anonymous group, ” but they have not disappeared: the blows to stop these activities are temporary and closed services reopen in a very short time, “commented the report.

“The methods used by the group were taken and improved by some cybercriminals circles” said the CLUSIF. As 2013 was the “year of decomposition” of such Anonymous system , “the movement became a victim of its own success and opportunists have used the movement as a screen to claim” their actions and “echo the movement codes” explains Fabien Cozic , cybercrime consultant for Lexsi company.

The Anonymous group is as an international movement that wishes to fight for online freedom. It targets both private companies such as Sony, Visa and Amazon and government systems. Last October, 13 alleged members of this group of hackers have been indicted in the United States for a series of attacks against American companies and organizations.

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