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Google Averts G-Docs Phishing Scam

About 1 million Google Docs users became the target of a dangerous phishing scam recently. However, the company was able to effectively neutralize the phishing email attack within an hour. In order to stay safe, you should refrain from giving away your user credentials on any such website, as it may only be a phishing

Russian underground market for phishing campaigns

Phishing paswword: how to protect yourself from this! Sadly but not surprisingly enough, Russia enjoys one of the most active underground markets for cybercrime: there, cyber hackers can fix their all sophisticated scams and necessary tools to arrange cyber attacks. Recent investigations have unveiled how this is a well-organized market, especially for phishing activities. Researchers found

New techniques of online financial scams

Cybercriminals’ techniques and creativity have no bounder, when it comes to find victims on the Internet. Here are some of the more recent financial scam techniques and how to ensure Internet security: Phishing: the objective is to collect sensitive private data from Internet users, through sending emails purporting to a large number of people from

How to avoid phishing

How to fight against phishing on the Internet? Phishing refers to those emails you may have already received that invite you to renew or to give your credit card number or to access to your bank account. Indeed, according to the Anti-Phishing Working Group, phishers are able to convince up to 5% of recipients to

How to avoid increasing online credit card fraud?

Credit card scams have exploded in many countries. And figures are quite impressive. See how to buy vpn online with a credit card. Most card frauds in the world actually happen in the United States. In fact, a Barclays 2015 research note  states that the United States is responsible for 47 percent of the world’s

Phishing Attack Targeting Password Managers

Despite numerous methods of protecting your account details, including the trusted password manager technique, users are warned against a hack that can see phishing attack targeting password managers. Phishing is a method of hacking that steals both username and password combinations, even that of two-step authentication. With online hacking and stealing information becoming more and

Cybercrime is also where you do not expect it

Trend Micro security firm just released its safety report for the first quarter of 2014. As cybercriminals always aim at maximizing their gain, they keep on developing new advanced techniques and diversifying their targets. This report entitled “Cybercrime Hits the Unexpected” describes how cybercriminals now switch to unusual targets: they do work on advanced techniques

Orange announced a massive personal data hacking

On May 6th, the French Telecom operator Orange admitted another hacking of clients’ and prospects’ personal data which has affected 1.3 million people. This happened just three months after a previous case that had affected about 800,000 of them. “A limited amount of personal information about customers and prospects” have been copied during an intrusion

Crime: between internet and reality

Cybercrime is gaining ground in the real world with same approaches being used by cybercriminals and traditional  criminals as well. We also note that more and more cases of crime involving the use of digital media, “says the French security information Club ( CLUSIF ) in its 2013 Panorama. According to Eric Freyssinet, Head of