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How To Stay Safe Online With A VPN

Problems like blocked websites, internet security, etc. are common for net users. The easiest solution for this is using a virtual private network. But many people might not know how to use a VPN. It is an easy task provided you select a good virtual private network service provider. The Issue Of Storage Of Data

How Long Does Your Data Remain On The Internet

How long does data remain on the Internet? The answers, and what you can do about it, may surprise you. How Long Is Personal Data Stored Online How long does personal information stay on the Internet, how long can digital data last? These questions get asked everyday by individuals, businesses and organizations. The simple answer

The world map of most visited sites

The Internet is vast, there are millions of websites, the battle for ranking is huge. Who are the winners and losers, which are the world’s most visited websites. The Internet’s Most Visited Websites The Internet is vast. It is made up of tens of millions of devices, millions of websites and servers and of course,

Protecting Your Location Data

Now more than ever your location is collected from various sites and apps. Find out how to keep your location secure when on your phone or computer.  How To Block Geo Tracking On My Phone, Tablet And Laptop  If you haven’t yet I am sure you will soon be asking yourself an important question. A

Are women less careful about cybercrime?

The web is fraught with danger. MediaTest just released the results of a research done for Kaspersky Lab in Belgium to understand whether men are more cautious concerning cybersecurity than women. So over 30 % of the men feel they better protect themselves against cybercriminals, but also a small 19% of women believe that men

Heartbleed decrypted for you

Of course, you have heard of this SSL Certificates bug called Heartbleed which recently became famous. Discover what this bug is and how to protect yourself from it. What is Heartbleed? This is indeed a secuirity bug in the OpenSSL Protocol in Android that has been recently discovered. It can enable a third party to

The European law on personal data invalidated

The cancellation of the European law that requires the retention of communication data, i.e. telephone and email data for at least 6 months brings trouble into the European Union. Leaders in the fight against cybercrime and terrorism who were happy about it are now quite concerned. On April 8th, EU Court of Justice canceled the