Are women less careful about cybercrime?

Are women less careful about cybercrime?

The web is fraught with danger. MediaTest just released the results of a research done for Kaspersky Lab in Belgium to understand whether men are more cautious concerning cybersecurity than women.

So over 30 % of the men feel they better protect themselves against cybercriminals, but also a small 19% of women believe that men take better precaution against this.

Nevertheless, the majority of both sexes were careful to install security software – 91% of men 80% of women. But women are less vigilant for such program updates: some 54 % of them install them, against 71 % of men. No difference against potential online dangers with 57% of men and women who are vigilant. For the equipment to connect with, we find out that women consider the risks on PCs and smaller than men, as they assess hazards on the smartphone as a little higher than men do.

About online threats and protection against them, women are not so well informed: only 11 % of them report having sufficient knowledge about it, a little more than half the proportion of men. 41% of them say they have some knowledge, but certainly not enough to be and stay safe online. But it is also the case for 27% of men, so there is still a lot to be done for everyone!

A previous investigation had revealed that we were aware of the dangers of the internet, but we thought it was always others who will become the victims. And when you realize that you are vulnerable to cybercrime, it is unfortunately already too late.

To protect yourself against cybercrime, equip all your devices – i.e. PCs, laptops, Macs, tablets and smartphones – an anti -virus and therefore do not forget to perform the required updates.

The safest way to protect your computer, mobile or tablet when surfing the web is to use a VPN service. This will ensure that no one listens and uses the data that you send through an unprotected internet connection. You will prevent your banking passwords, e- mail accounts or your social networking profiles to be intercepted and used, without even your knowledge. You will thus be able to do online purchases and banking transactions safely.
Our service VPN encodes your Internet connection with a complex encryption system using the AES-256 algorithm. This coding will make it impossible anyone to interact with your personal data, even if your connection has been compromised or intercepted. Any information you send will go directly into your secure virtual tunnel. With VPN you can easily direct your traffic by choosing a server in one of the 50 countries available. This way, you will enjoy the best VPN service for a secure Internet connection from your computer, tablet or mobile phone, even being able to use a VPN connection simultaneously for 2 devices.



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