What Is Virtual Kidnapping All About?

What Is Virtual Kidnapping All About?

One of the most common threats online in the twenty first century is that of virtual kidnapping. Many online users are unaware about this concept. It is because virtual kidnapping is still on the rise. And not many virtual kidnapping cases have come up.

Why Virtual Kidnapping?

Now, most of us are pretty familiar with the kidnapping and all that it entails. Basically, kidnappers keep someone in their captivity. And threaten the near and dear ones of the victim for ransom. The person or the victim can get away only when the kidnappers get the ransom amount. However, kidnappings tend to be messy. Since the transactions rarely happen as shown in the movies. In most cases, the police come into a picture. This leads to the arrest of the kidnappers. Hence, cyber criminals have come up with a way which bypasses the mess created by a physical kidnapping, but has the same effect. This is virtual kidnapping.

What Is Virtual Kidnapping All About?

In this case, the kidnapper will threaten the family or friends of the victim indicating that he or she is in grave danger. Only when the kidnappers receive ransom money, they release the victim. Virtual kidnapping is one of the most extensive forms of extortion. It involves the usage of some of the most advanced technologies today.

The question arises, how do one comes across virtual kidnappers? If you are using public Wi-Fi or even unprotected VPN servers, you are putting yourself in danger. Not just virtual kidnappers, there are hackers and other cyber criminals just waiting for you to make a wrong move. In some cases, virtual kidnapping also involves withholding data or information. This is again till you pay a certain sum of money to get it back.

How Serious Is The Issue?

With modernized technology, the kidnappers no longer target specific people. Such online criminals are at prey for innocent people. In 2015, the rate of virtual kidnapping saw a massive surge. This increase even alarmed the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). According to the FBI, this scam was largely spread to the southern states and Mexico in the past.

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