Adequacy of Internet Filtering Questionable

Adequacy of Internet Filtering Questionable

It’s risky to allow kids surf Internet without any restrictions. So, Internet filtering is vital to protect kids from the unsafe side of the cyber world.

The whole new world of Internet fascinates kids these days. As sad as it sounds, to half of the population, the Internet is everything. They depend on the Internet for their entertainment, study guide, their shopping and everything else. Can they really be blamed, though? The web world has everything you can ever ask for.

If Google can’t find something in the Internet world, only God can. But the cyberspace can be a dangerous place for kids if the sites they surf are not properly monitored. To add to everything, parental guidance at this age can be a challenge. For example, kids are always inquisitive and might be more drawn towards things they are denied.

Use of Internet Filters

This is where Internet filtering comes into the picture. Schools, libraries and most importantly homes extensively use Internet filtering to protect children from harmful and unpleasant sites. But, many parents are not aware of this Internet Filtering system.

On the other hand, recent studies from the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) at Oxford University have put forth that the Internet filtering systems are useless. According to the study, the adequacy of Internet filters is questionable. The majority of parents is always anxious about what their teens are watching online. The study suggests, it is better to invest some time to help individual parent their kids, rather than using Internet filtering.

Problems With Internet Filtering

There are various problems that come with Internet filters as well. Some of them are as follows:

  • Ineffective: Even though most of the British Internet providers install filters to new household connections, they do not prove to be very useful.
  • Expensive: Another major problem with Internet filtering is that they are very expensive.
  • Blocks useful content: Some of the high-end filters block the important and legitimate sites and content that might be useful.
  • Does not meet their end: They seem to only provide a sense of security without fulfilling its purpose.

Nevertheless, there are genuinely good Internet filters that you can use. As, for instance, Circle With Disney from Circle Media. It is a very effective filter that can filter all the content from devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The filter comes as a simple box that connects with your WiFi connection. And helps to monitor the Internet activity of each device connected by using a technique called ARP Proofing. Setting it up is simply a piece of cake. Also, it does not need downloading of any additional application. Another good option is using a VPN from Le VPN, the best VPN provider. You can have More safety with VPNs. Find out about all the benefits you can get and try it today!




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