Data Breach: A Very Real Possibility For Everyone Around

Data Breach: A Very Real Possibility For Everyone Around

Statistics show that organizations are more prone to online data theft, and most encounter at least one such instance. Appleby recently confirmed that “a data security incident” took place at the firm in 2016. In that instance, some data got into the wrong hands. Appleby is a well known law and fiduciary firm. In the section below, we will talk in detail about what data breach is.

All That You Need To Know About Data Breach

The concept of data breach or what happens in the case of a data breach is rather simple. As the name suggests, a data breach is when someone accesses and steals your data from your system without you knowing. Most of the data theft technology or software applications are very sophisticated. As a result, you will not know for long that your data is stolen or destroyed.

You Are Unaware About The Data Breach For Long

Usually corporate organizations, big or small, become victims of data breach; and more often than not, it is the rival organization which carries out such an attack. Basically, the hackers use a very advanced piece of technology to access the data system of the company. It works past the existing security measures and the firewall to access the data. Now, this data may include anything. It can be something sensitive which can end up costing the company millions, and might potentially bankrupt the firm. Also, there is some sensitive information about customers which is in danger. This takes a toll on the company’s reputation as well.

Yahoo’s Shocking Data Breach In 2013

Back in 2013, Yahoo became a target to the most common type of online crime. This came as a shock as at the time nearly 3 billion of the world’s population had yahoo account. The breach meant that the hackers were able to reach data of all these customers. This information was sensitive information, e.g. personal details, or even bank account details. Back then, Yahoo came up with a statement saying that only about 1 billion people became victims through the breach and the company had it under control. However, recently Yahoo gave out a similar statement saying that 3 billion accounts were the victims in the breach.

Use VPN As A Measure

Data breach is a very real possibility for everyone around. And, as a matter of fact, it has become all the more encompassing due to Net neutrality. Using a virtual private network or a VPN is one very viable and affordable method to ensure your data security.

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