Cybercrime heavily penalizes consumers and businesses

Cybercrime heavily penalizes consumers and businesses

Microsoft has just released as part of its Play It Safe global initiative the results of a study conducted by IDC (International Data Corporation) and the University of Singapore (NUS) which is called “The link between pirated software and security vulnerabilities.”

Conducted in 16 countries*, it thus explores the relationship between software piracy and cyber security threats. The research also assesses the induced losses for consumers, businesses and governments.

This report indicates that companies will thus be required to spend globally nearly $ 500 billion in 2014 to deal with problems caused by malware introduced into pirated software, 127 billion for security issues and 364 billion for data breaches.

On the side of consumers, figures are also impressive, due to at the global level, they should spend more than $ 25 billion. The 1.2 billion hours wasted this year to manage security threats and troubleshooting computers caused by malware related to pirated software should be also added.

For public institutions, the loss of sensitive economic data is the main concern related to cyber- terrorism (59%) , followed by fraudulent access to information classified as confidential (55%) or cyber-attacks on key infrastructure (55 %). The estimated cost to fight against malware in pirated software would amount to 50 billion dollars for governments.

With the launch of its Cybercrime Center in November 2013 in Redmond (USA), Microsoft is trying to create a safer Internet.

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* Brazil, China, United States, France, Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine.



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