VPN Offers Much More Than You Think

VPN Offers Much More Than You Think

If you are reading this, it is safe to assume that you are somewhat familiar with concepts of IP address and how the internet works. Now you must also know about restricting websites. You see, your government may decide that a certain website is a threat to the national security and may get in the way of it. In that case, the government can choose to restrict the website. In order to access such restricted websites, you need a network that connects you to another network which is legitimate access. This is exactly what a virtual private network, or VPN is all about. In case you were wondering what is VPN service, there you go, you have your answer.

So, What Is VPN Service All About?

If you are still not clear as to what is VPN service, let’s try to break it down for you. If you are connecting your internet enabled device to a VPN, then, your device becomes a part of the same network like that of the VPN. This is a secure connection and your information passes across the secure local network. It is same as your device is functioning within that local network, although its location is on the other end of the world. Thus, you get access to restricted sites and other websites which you are unable to view otherwise. You are using the internet in the same fashion as you were in the same location of the virtual private network. That is almost like you were using a public Wi-Fi.

More Security With A VPN

If you were wondering what is VPN service, remember it comes with an encrypted code, which is impossible to crack. Thus, if you are browsing the web using a virtual private network, your device is browsing using this encryption. This makes it next to impossible to track down your location or identity.

To answer the question what is VPN service, virtual private network or VPN acts like a kind of intermediate. When you request access to certain websites, that request is put forth by the network. The response of the website to the request is also sent from this VPN to you. For instance, if you are using a virtual private network based in the United States to access the desired website, then, the website in question will see your location as the United States, irrespective of where you are actually accessing it from.

Why Use VPN Service?

Now that you know what is VPN service, let’s see why you should use it:

  • It can come in handy if you are travelling all over the world and need to access the internet
  • You can access restricted websites with the help of VPN
  • to bypass geo restrictions
  • Anonymously browse the internet
  • Unblock YouTube, social media websites, or any TV show
  • Watch live sports telecast online anywhere in the world

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