Use DD WRT Routers With Le VPN For Best Protection

Use DD WRT Routers With Le VPN For Best Protection

DD WRT is a Linux based firmware. This DD WRT is useful for wireless routers. When you combine your router with DD WRT, then you get a fantastic DD WRT router. However, many a times the user is not sure about how safe the DD WRT routers are.  I.e. whether you are safe when you are using the DD WRT router. It is always better to use Le VPN with DD WRT routers to ensure online safety.

The Very Recent KRACKs Vulnerabilities

KRACKs is the most recent, biggest and unprecedented vulnerability in the security of Wi-Fi networks. WPA2 protocol is one of the most popular and in-use security protocol. And KRACKs affects this security protocol. As a result, this flaw has affected almost all types of Wi-Fi devices. A group of researchers from the KU Leuven University, Huawei Technologies and Ruhr-Universität Bochum University brought up the weaknesses in WPA2 protocol. The recent KRACK exploit has affected almost all types of Wi-Fi devices – be it computers, laptops, mobiles, or even smart-TV, etc.

Precautions That Help Protect Your DD WRT Routers From Such Threats

If your Wi-Fi device or DD WRT routers is affected by the KRACK flaw, then it is very easy for hackers to attack your system. They can even inject malware and affect your system or device drastically. The hackers can even inject viruses by taking advantage of this flaw. Some companies including Apple have already released security patches. However, it is important that you take some basic precautions.

Always make sure that you visit only those websites that have https in the address bar, instead of http. It is also important that you do not make use of public Wi-Fi connections. It has been found that you are also at a potential risk when you make use Wi-Fi at your home or office. So, opt for a reliable VPN provider.

The Use Of Virtual Private Networks

The best way to protect your security is with the help of virtual private network or VPN. When you make use of this service you can be sure that your identity is safe. You are secure from hackers. You can easily make use of public Wi-Fi without being worried about prying eyes. The best thing is that virtual private networks are compatible with DD WRT router.

Make Use Of The Best Service Provider

Do not opt for free service providers whom you cannot trust. Make use of a trusted service like Le VPN. They have been providing the best services across the globe. They have servers across the world. The services of Le VPN are by far the best and Dutch VPN is the best example for this. Not only is your privacy and security ensured, but you can also easily overcome geo-restriction issues. Le VPN has a number of competitively priced packages. You can very easily download the Le VPN application or the software. Additionally, Le VPN is compatible with different devices and operating systems. Hence, it is one of the best ways to stay safe when you use public Wi-Fi for your mobile devices.



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