Keep Unwanted Ads At Bay With Online Ad Blocking

Keep Unwanted Ads At Bay With Online Ad Blocking

What Is Online Ad Blocking

Online ad blocking is not just a security measure to protect you from threats. It can also help keep annoying ads at bay while you use the internet. Even when you’re surfing YouTube videos, ads can be a hindrance. But here are some things you need to know about online ad blocking.

What You Need To Know About Ad Blocking

  • It is not that the ones using ad blocks are against advertising in general. No, they are simply against advertisements that are disruptive in nature and tend to cause interference. Also, some ads are spam or malware. People using ad blocks are against such type of ads. These ads may slow down the browsing process and can also become an invasion into their privacy. This is why people tend to go for online ad blocking.
  • Mostly people into gaming, tech, entertainment, comics and such fields are against ads and go for online ad blocking. These fields require the utmost concentration and ads can be a distraction. Moreover, they tend to slow you down. Imagine reading comics online while completely unrelated ads keep turning up all over the screen. That is definitely the last thing you need. And that is why online ad blocking is a blessing.
  • VPN will always support ad blocking. Ad blocking is not just for your PCs. Online ad blocking can be used for your smartphones as well. Irrespective of whether you are browsing online or playing games online, ads are something that could annoy you.
  • There are different ways through which you can block ads online. For instance, you could go for the most popular method of browser extensions. Mobile apps, network level blockers, proxy based blockers can also be used. But it is better to be careful since a fake copy of the browser extension by Chrome tricked at least 30000 people and made them download it.

These are some things you need to know about online ad blocking before using it.

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In case you didn’t know it already, October is the National Cyber Security Awareness Month. This month, initiatives are taken to spread awareness about the online safety – how you can stay safe online, the various security threats and measures to avoid these. In this aspect, we must also mention that Le VPN has a special promotional offer this month. You can avail the reliable VPN services for two years at 69 USD or 2.87 $/month.

You should know that online ads may also be a source of some threats. If the ads are not from a reputable company, they may try to lure you away to unknown websites which may contain threats like viruses. Hence, it is always better to stay alert in the cyber world. Le VPN, which is also the best VPN for online gaming, is one of the reliable VPN provider in the market today. So, subscribe to Le VPN services and leave away the online security concerns.



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