Google Introduces Interland Online Gaming for Kids

Google Introduces Interland Online Gaming for Kids

Everyone, including kids, is hooked to the internet these days. No doubt! It is important that they understand everything about the internet safety. With this aim in the mind, Google has launched a new game called the Interland Online Gaming.

Understanding the Concept of Interland

Google is using the online gaming method to teach children the concepts of internet safety. Furthermore, it is mainly working towards making online experience for children a memorable and safe one. All things considered, Interland is a part of the bigger concept called “Be Internet Awesome”. This programme is developed along with Connect Safely, the Internet Keep Safe Coalition, and the Family Online Safety Institute. These all are online safety bodies.

Here’s How Interland Works

The main aim of this online game is to teach five important concepts to young minds. These five concepts are:

  • Internet smart
  • Internet alert
  • Internet strong
  • Internet kind
  • Internet brave

Learn While You Play

This online gaming platform has four different lands which these kids have to surf through. During their adventurous ride, they will come across different obstacles in the form of over-sharers, bullies, phishers and hackers. This will help the kids understand with whom they should interact, and whom they must avoid. In certain stages of the game, the children have to spread kindness by collecting hearts. However, at the same time they have to report about bullies and hackers. Google has also taken initiative to educate teachers and parents through certain videos, etc. which will make talking about the internet safety with kids a lot simpler.

Interland: A Step to Make Online Gaming a Safe Place for Kids

Google is always trying to come up with different ways and means to make the internet a safe place for everyone. It is always striving to ensure that everyone has a positive experience when they surf the net. Google is very much concerned about the safety of young children. The company has always worked towards making the internet a safe place for children. They have earlier conducted workshops for children in order to make them understand about the internet safety. Interland looks a very positive step in this regards.

Create Internet-Secure Environment for Kids

Even parents must make sure that their children are safe in the online world. Therefore, it is important that they offer their children a secure environment. They must make sure that they provide secure networks. A VPN or a virtual private network is one way to ensure safety at an individual level.

In fact, while using VPNs, parents must make sure to only select a secure service provider like Le VPN. Why only kids? It’s of utmost importance that adults also keep themselves safe. This is possible with Le VPN. Le VPN is one of the safest and fastest VPN available in the market today.

Interland: The Need of Time

With the increasing rate of internet crimes, especially against children, it is important that children are properly trained. Therefore, Interland is truly a wonderful way of teaching children how they can protect themselves from harmful internet users. At the same time, Interland aims to teach kids to be a lot smarter.



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