Net Neutrality Issue Again Surfaces In The US

Net Neutrality Issue Again Surfaces In The US

In today’s internet-dependent world, net neutrality impacts each and everyone around us. The internet lets people to connect and exchange the information easily. By and large, there is much happening around the concept. For example, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) moves to ban the current rules on neutrality of the internet.

At this point, the FCC is planning to wipe off the Obama-era rules. The FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, himself revealed the roll back plans. The plans called as the Open Internet Order, offer Title II classification of Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

What You Need To Know

The idea of net neutrality is a result of how telephone lines operated since the beginning of the 20th century. The moment you dial any number from a telephone, you get instantly connected to the targeted number. In this scenario, the connection doesn’t depend on the telephone operator or to whom you are trying to connect to.  Many nations implement rules asking the ISPs to offer an unfiltered and unrestricted content.

Benefits For Users

In the first place, net neutrality offers some benefits to the users. Web users can freely connect to whatever website or service they wish to. In this case, the ISPs are not concerned what content, information, or data is shared via their servers. This approach, of course, has fuelled the growth and acceptance of the internet as a global network.

Without Net Neutrality

If there is no net neutrality, the ISPs will benefit the most. They will have powers to shape the internet traffic in such a way, which will bring maximum benefit for them.  The absence of net neutrality may allow the ISPs start charging for their services. Once the net neutrality is out, you may have to buy “package plans” to access any website.

Obama-Era Net Neutrality

Actually, the Obama-era rules imposed certain restrictions on how the internet was to be used and to whom it would be made available. The main feature of the net neutrality is to ban ISPs from having control over any content the users may want to access. These ISPs include Comcast & Time Warner. As a matter of fact, the rules also prohibit ISPs from saving and selling customers’ browsing data without their agreement.

Changes On Its Way

The Trump administration’s FCC voted 2 to 1 to give the preliminary consent to wipe away Obama-era net neutrality rules. With this, the government signals its intentions that the internet is like a utility. And it should remain open to all. A few days ago, steps were taken to reverse the policy, introduced back in 2015. The new order aims to restore freedom to the internet.

VPNs For Net Neutrality

There exists a solution to every problem. In this case, you can opt for a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN helps to ensure neutrality on your own. However, while selecting a VPN service provider, do not run behind a free online VPN service.  Rather, a reliable VPN service provider, like Le VPN, helps you to enforce neutrality on any net connection.

With a VPN in place, though your ISP can see that there is a connection, but they won’t be able to drill down to your specific details. This is possible by masking IP address. Yes! Le VPN allows you to mask your IP address. As a result, you can be sure that your online activity remains secret.  Hence, adopting a VPN connection will help you access uninterrupted internet.



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