Malware are all around you

Malware are all around you

Nations, consumers and businesses are targeted by a lot of malware. A new research finds the link between them and criminal organizations.
Nearly 75 % of new purchased computers are infected with dangerous malware. This is what reveals a research conducted jointly by the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit, IDC and the National University of Singapore (NUS) . This research has identified over a hundred discrete threats including virus that blocks some security software to operate and download other files (other malware or trojan used to relay spam… )

If this problem affects everyone, i.e. individuals, professionals and governments, few of them seem to be aware of the link between malware and cybercrime. Indeed, 65 % of consumers and 30% of corporate customers make their purchases from sources deemed suspicious and not from sellers from the brands or national chains.
In 2014, companies will spend $ 127 billion because of malware (for identification, restoration and data recovery) according to the study. To this sum must be added $ 364 billion spent to meet the data breaches. And nearly 75 % of these losses – $ 315 billion – will be linked to criminal organizations. According to the study, overall consumer spending reaches $ 25 billion, due to malware and losses equal to 1.2 billion hours spent on trying to manage these security problems.

Loss of data or personal information, online fraud, embezzlement email or social networks represent the biggest fears of consumers against malware and cybercrime. But 43% of them do not give themselves the means to avoid these accidents as they do not even install automatic security updates on their computers.
Faced these figures, governments have some reasons to be worried about piracy. However, the officials interviewed say they have a poor understanding of the relationship between pirated software and malware.

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