The Internet Wants YOU: Consider A Career In Cybersecurity

The Internet Wants YOU: Consider A Career In Cybersecurity

The Cyber Security Awareness Month

In case you didn’t know it already, October is the cyber security awareness month. The fourth week (October 23rd to 27th) in the cyber security awareness month will address the theme “The Internet Wants YOU: Consider a Career in Cybersecurity”. The truth is, our lives revolve around the internet. If there is something you need to find out, Google will always be your first choice. You use the internet for a variety of reasons, from looking up obscure sites to shopping online. This is how you can stay safe while browsing online. In this aspect, we must also mention that Le VPN has a special promotional offer this month where you can avail the VPN services for 69 USD or 2.87 $/month.

How To Stay Safe While Browsing Online?

More often than not, you visit websites that are inaccessible in your location. But if it’s really important you visit the website, there are obviously ways around the ban. You can always use a VPN to unblock us websites or any other website. The fact remains, you must keep online security in mind while browsing.  Especially, if you are using virtual private networks and accessing restricted websites. To observe the cyber security awareness month, these are some things you could do.

  • It is always better that you download from websites that are safe. Irrespective of whether you are downloading software or other media, just make sure you get it from a well-known, reliable website. There are numerous websites which will provide you free software, but very few are trustworthy. Why would you put yourself at risk like that? During the cyber security awareness month, read up on secured websites.
  • Do not click on unknown links. If you are browsing online, you will be able to see pop-ups and unknown links which would take you to different websites. Do not click on those. Ever. These links would usually take you to websites or hackers where your information could be compromised. Why take the risk? Just don’t click on links you don’t know.
  • Get hold of a good software for antivirus. Even the well-known renowned websites might be prone to virus. You could open a mail sent by a friend and that would give access to the virus. A virus could potentially ruin all information. A good software would just detect the virus as soon as it enters and work on fixing the malware.
  • You need to be extra cautious during online shopping. This cyber security awareness month, take a pledge to be safe while shopping online.

These are some of the tips that can help you stay safe during and after the cyber security awareness month.



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