uTorrent to Run in User’s Default Browser

uTorrent to Run in User’s Default Browser

Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing allows you to access the music, video games, movies, books and other media of your choice. However, if you avoid taking proper precautions, the use of torrent software can make your device and information exposed to online threats. So, how do you plan to hide your IP while downloading torrent files?

Downloading Torrents Becomes Easier

BitTorrent is one popular way to download the content of your choice. Along with freedom, there comes law enforcement. As the illegal downloading of media files is on the rise, government and cyber law firms are keeping a close eye to curb the same. In order to keep the snoopers at bay, torrent-website creators are working towards making things easier for the users.

uTorrent To Run In User’s Default Browser

Recently, Bram Cohen, BitTorrent inventor, revealed that uTorrent client will be able to make a transition to Internet browsers. The “new revision” of the uTorrent client will run in the user’s default browser, so the users will not be required to install separate browser applications to download torrents.

uTorrent’s New Version Will

  • run in the user’s default browser
  • run with a revamped interface
  • offer a better streaming experience
  • be able to stream videos from torrents, a feature similar to BitTorrent’s Maelstrom browser

Need To Hide Your IP

BitTorrent is popular among its users as it makes downloading of torrent files very easy. The users generally use it to download movies, music files, and other copyright content. But there are strict laws, which call for strict actions if someone is caught downloading the pirated content. As the policing against the BitTorrent users is on the rise, numerous of its users want to hide their identities from the outside world. Are you also one of the torrent freaks and looking for a solution to hide your IP?

Hide Your IP With A VPN

When it comes to downloading through the torrent protocol, there’s no real way to stay completely safe. If you want to hide your IP, a virtual private network (VPN) is the ultimate solution. Traffic via VPNs is highly encrypted and redirected through a trusted access point. So, it’s easier to hide your IP even if you connect to the public Internet network.

Be Sure To Use Paid VPN Service

There are a lot of VPN service providers offering free services. You should ensure that you use trusted VPN service like Le VPN. And be sure to activate your paid VPN plan. Le VPN guards all of your Internet traffic, irrespective of whether you are using uTorrent, eMule, or any other kind of software. No one can see your activity when you use a VPN connection because you are changing your IP address to another country, and your P2P file sharing is as private and safe as possible when you use Le VPN.



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