Facebook to set anonymous login and boost advertising

Facebook to set anonymous login and boost advertising

Mark Zuckerberg himself made the announcement during a meeting with almost 2,000 developers and journalists in San Francisco on April 30th. Facebook is to introduce new advertising tools and to boost the privacy of its members to impose the leading social network with 1.28 billion members in the growing sector of smartphone applications.
Facebook wants to launch an “anonymous” connection mode, allowing the use of third-party mobile apps with Facebook ID without allowing access to personal information.

This shall help not having to remember multiple usernames and different passwords by driving the sharing of data collected by Facebook with these applications.
Future connection mode “anonymous”, that have only be tested by a few developers should be extended in the coming months : it will enable “trying an application without sharing personal information stored on Facebook ,” said Facebook in a press release.

Indeed the leading social network has changed its attitude towards online data: “By giving people more power and control, they will have more confidence in applications we build, they will, over time, use them more.”

Facebook also introduced features that should in the future give more control to its users over their data sharing. One of them should begin to be deployed in the coming months: it will include a few clicks to choose the type of information that someone agrees to share with synchronized application with Facebook (e.g. someone’s email address but no birth date). Applications will not be allowed to do publication on a user’s Facebook page without authorization profile.
Facebook also announced a new dashboard to be shortly released which shall summarize all mobile applications related to the profile of the Facebook member to define the data it accesses or to remove them completely.

The social network has also introduced a new “Like” button dedicated to mobile applications, and especially a new network for advertisers that is highly anticipated: it should allow Facebook to compete with Google in the growing mobile advertising market.
Remember, Facebook is already using public information provided by its users to customize their advertising, which is highly appreciated by advertisers: its advertising revenues in the first quarter showed an increase of 82% over one year for a $ 2.27 billion value.

Now, Facebook wants to extend this expertise to advertisements in mobile applications synchronized with Facebook, via a new advertising network called Facebook Audience Network. Up to now, the tests are restricted to advertisements when installing apps, but Facebook wants to extend the network further to other types of ads.
The global market for mobile advertising has doubled in 2013 to reach 17.96 billion dollars. According to eMarketer, it should still grow by 75.1 % in 2014. Facebook took 17.53% of the advertising pie in 2013, against 49.3% for Google.

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