Understanding The Difference Between Proxy Servers Vs. VPNs

Understanding The Difference Between Proxy Servers Vs. VPNs

Normally, people tend to mix up between proxy servers and virtual private network services. But in reality, both of these are different. It is equally important to know that they have the same function. However, the way of performing the function is different. Let us try to get an insight into the differences that these two possess.

What Are Proxy Servers?

A proxy server is basically an intermediate between the user and the internet.  When the user connects to the internet through a proxy server, then, the IP of this server is received. The IP address is not received.  These servers provide privacy. But there is no encryption of data here. It makes use of two internet protocols. These are HTTP and SOCKS. These are mainly useful to overcome geo-restrictions. They are useful to bypass simple filters and IP restrictions.

What Are Virtual Private Networks?

Virtual private networks are not simple intermediates between the user and the internet. They actually capture the entire computer.  It will capture each and every application of your system.  In case of VPN services, there is encryption of data involved. When the user is using a virtual private network it is not possible for the internet service provider or any intruder to access the users’ information. There are a number of protocols that one can select while using VPN routers.  These are PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN, Ikev1, Ikev2, and many more.

Which Of The Two Is Better?

If you compare between a proxy servers and virtual private networks, then the latter looks always better. However, it also depends on your requirement. It doesn’t matter if you use proxy server or a VPN. Just make sure that you are picking the right tool to fulfil your requirement. A virtual private network provides better security and privacy as compared to the proxy servers. With a VPN, you can safely use public Wi-Fi.  Along with enhanced privacy and security, you can also easily overcome geo-restriction. E.g. you can watch season 6 Walking Dead from anywhere, even if the content is blocked in that country.

Select Your VPN Service Provider Carefully

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