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Twin Peaks Returns to TV With David Lynch

Do you want to watch Twin Peaks online? It’s almost time to return to Twin Peaks with a new revival/sequel series coming in 2017 from Showtime. But if you haven’t been inducted into the (David) Lynch mob, the network is bringing all episodes of the original Twink Peaks to you for binge-watching purposes! It is

Netflix, 10 Innovations That Changed the World

Since its start in 1997 Netflix has grown from a small start-up delivering mail order DVD’s to the world’s leading source of international movie streaming with more than 80.5 million members around the world, including 35 million who watch Netflix internationally. In that time the company has broken down barriers, innovated the industry and set

Could Spotify Emerge As Netflix Rival?

While Spotify continues to dominate the online music streaming landscape, regularly beating out competitors Google Play, Tidal and others, the company has grand plans for the future. The company could be venturing into online streaming video content as well as music, but could Spotify emerge as Netflix rival? Spotify continues to grow bigger with more

Netflix Blocking VPNs, But Le VPN Still Works

In January, Netflix announced a shocking move that would affect a huge portion of their customers; that they would be limiting and restricting the use of VPNs with their online streaming service. With many VPNs now unable to work with Netflix blocking VPNs, but Le VPN still works. The threat of preventing VPN use to

Netflix Expanded to 130 More Countries

With a move that shocked everyone, Netflix announced that it has expanded its streaming service to more than 130 countries worldwide, thats an incredible lift to 190 countries which are fully supported by the online streaming giants. With the news that Netflix expanded to more than 130 more countries, there has never been a better time

Watch All Your Favorite Shows Online with Le VPN

Online streaming is one of the best thing to happen to TV since DVD box sets and HBO. The ability to access all your favourite TV shows instantly, whether on the bus, on the couch or even waiting at an airport, high speed internet has allowed anyone to carry all their favourite shows with them, wherever they are.

Netflix to Take on Movie Studios in Expansion

After Netflix first ventured into original movie content with Beasts Of No Nation earlier this year, they aren’t stopping at distribution, instead Netflix are pushing on by financing films. In a move which sees Netflix to take on movie studios in expansion, we will see a lot more original content coming from the streaming giants, but